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3800 Spark Plug Wire Stuck, Cam And Crank Sensors

I cannot get the spark plug wire off the plug on my Pontiac 3800 motor. Also, does the engine have a cam and crank sensor?.

Oldsmobile and Buick overheating, GMC P0410

Question: Yes. I have a 2000 Buick century thats been over heating. Changed thermostat and water pump. Even used gasket repair. Now it appears to be a leak when I opened the radiator to drain some antifreeze.

Buick Stalls When Cold Or At Idle

My Buick Regal will start and dies sometomes when the engine is cold. After driving it will stall out when coming to a stop.

Chevy Venture and GMC won't start

Question: Came home last night and this morning the van would not start. I checked all the fuses. What could be the problem?

Ignition failure code, replaced coil and PCM

Dodge Caravan has code P2302. I replaced the ignition coil and the PCM. Could there be a broken or shorted out wire that i cannot find.

Engine Flywheel Noise, Stalls, Blows Fuse

Chevy Colorado has a noise that sounds like it is the flywheel. Truck stalls when I come to a stop. Dealer said I need a throttle body. The radio amp blows the fuse.

Chevy fuel gauge not working, engine overheated

Fuel gauge on my Chevy Malibu is not working after replacing the pump. Chevrolet Impala overheated and now car does not start.

Chevy Malibu P0442 and Crank Sensor Replacement

Chevy Malibu has EVAP code P0442. How do i repair the vent valve? Need location for the crank sensor on my 3.1L V6 engine so i can replace it.

Oldsmobile Alero Wont Start

Oldsmobile Alero won't start. Security system problem. I replaced the headgaskets but don't know if the pushrods are in the correct location or position.

GMC P0420, thermostat location

My GMC has code P0420. We changed the O2 sensors and catalytic converter. Where is thermostat on my Pontiac? Brake lights come on by themself.

Pontiac Grand Prix Stalls, Oldsmobile Crank Sensor Location

Question: Pontiac Grand Prix 3.8L stalls. Need location of crank position sensor on my Oldsmobile.

Pontiac Traction Light And Transmission Problem

The traction light is on my Pontiac Grand Prix. The car also some ABS and transmision codes.

Saturn SL2 wont start and has oil on the spark plugs

Question: I have a 1996 Saturn SL2. Oil had been getting into my first spark plug boot where my first cylinder is. I took the top off of my motor and replaced the seals incase that was the reason oil was leaking into my spark plug.

Coolant Temp Sensor, Thermostat, Bleeder Location

Where is the coolant temp sensor on my car so I can replace it? Engine still gets hot after thermostat replaced. Need the name of the coolant pipe or bleeder valve.

Trac Off, ABS and check engine lights

My Lexus has the Trac Off light on the dashboard. Will a loose brake fluid cap cause an ABS warning.? Live chat with an auto mechanic.

Transmission and throttle code, Chevy won't accelerate

Question: I need to know what these mean: P0741 P0335 P0336 P0420 P1258

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