Oldsmobile Aurora Car Repair Questions

Oldsmobile Aurora Coolant Temp Sensor Location
I have been having trouble with it overheating. I can't seem to find where the water temperature sensor is located. Can you please send me some kind of information on the location of the sensor...a diagram would be great!

2000 Intrique A.I.R. System problem
Pump, solenoid, valves good. I have an 3.5 intrigue with secondary air injection issue. I get the p0410 code. OK this is what i tested. Fuse for air pump is good. New relay for air pump. Checked all vacuum lines to the two air diverter valves they good. There is vacuum at solenoid switch from throttle body but no vacuum after ...

A/C compressor wont engage
After engine and transmission replaced. My air conditioning system does not work. The the HVAC controls light up but the compressor does not engage. I checked all the fuses that I could find that are related to the HVAC system and they are all fine. Also under the front driver side carpeting, it is soaked with water. I don't know if this problem

My 1997 Aurora Hard To Start Cold
Having Long Crank Problems. In the mornings, when cold engine cranks and fires intermittently. Once it has been cranked for about 30 seconds on and off, it sputters for about 5 seconds...

P0717 Transmission Input Speed Sensor
I had the codes in my car scanned and got a trans code. What can i do to repair this problem. Shifting is sluggish and has no power when i accelerate.


Coolant Fans and Compressor
The A/C compressor and the radiator fans will not come on. Checked for burned wires and connections. All seems good but still won't work. What can this problem be.

2002 Oil Pressure High
I replaced the oil pressure switch, but the gauge needle still goes up and down when I am driving. How much is normal?

No Heat on One Side My Oldsmobile Aurora
Driver side of radiator inside near air cleaner there is a hose coming off it! Where dose it go and what dose it supply. Driver side blows cold, passenger side warm...

My 1997 car overheats
Still even after radiator, thermostat and water pump replacement.

2001 Aurora p0285 p0410
Car has crankshaft position sensor codes. Any ideas?

Where is the starter located
Need location for my Aurora v8. I need to replace it.

2001 3.5 obdii codes p0385, p0410
A.I.R. and crank position sensor error codes.

3.5L v6 burn oil
Spark plugs fouled, tailpipe has soot deposits in it. PCV valve was changed.

2001 AC blows warm
We recharged with freon, pressure is up. Checked but no leaks were found.

How much to much to fix gas gauge
On My 1998. Needle goes all over the place from full to emply.

My 1997 radio says LOC
After battery replaced radio is locked out. How to unlock it?

2001 transmission code p1811
The car shifts funny in all gears.

2001 3.5l v6 cuts out when driving
Aurora code P0410 Secondary Injection system fault.

1998 4.0 v8 overheat after radiator
I replaced the water pump and also the radiator.

1999 shifter wont move
Can't get into gear until car is warmed up. Then it misfires. Several odd things wrong with it.

My 2001 Aurora low oil pressure
Is the cause for this problem the oil sender?

  1997 Aurora OBD2 code p1645
EVAP emissions purge valve solenoid may be the issue.

2001 Oldsmobile key wont come out
The shifter problem that wont go into park from forward gear.

1997 Oldsmobile aurora check engine
Engine light DTC P0404, P0300, P1645 and P0404

1996 overheating
The radiator and coolant fans work but car is running hotter than it should.

2001 3.5L, where is coolant sensor location.

2001 Aurora engine light p0410
Code for Secondary Air Injection system problem.

1996 Oldsmobile aurora coolant fan
Need a circuit wiring diagram.

My 1997 olds Aurora check engine light
What repair part do i need to replace?

Where is the starter located
Aurora v8 4.0L engine. I need to replace the starter.

1996 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Engine Seized. After driving my car hot, the engine stalled and the mechanic said the engine won/t turn over and is locked up.

How to replace alternator, 1999 Oldsmobile Aurora. With the 4.0 l v8.

1998 Oldsmobile aurora oil change, check engine lite with OBD2 codes.

My 1999 aurora runs rough, idles rough. Hesitates and misfire.

Air bag light came on after replacing AIR pump. Is there anything related to this repair.


My 2001 3.5 v6 oil pressure too high when cold. Is the pressure sensor part bad or the dash.

How to replace belt and pulley Do i need to remove front engine mount. My serpentine belt broke. It looks like my pulley that looks just like the tension pulley locked up. So my question is do i have to lift the engine up and remove engine mount ...

No Reverse Lights on My 1997 Aurora. Bulbs and Fuses are Good The back-up lights circuit is internal to the park / neutral switch. The switch is located on the top-rear of the transmission...

2001 Oldsmobile Aurora Vibration When Driving air compressor for back shocks come on but still have shaking when i reach up to 50 mph... What do i need to do to correct...

AC Blows Warm After Car Sitting My car has been sitting for a long time, and now the A/C blows warm. I recharged the...

The alternator light intermitently comes on for 5-30 seconds and then goes out. It seems to happen more at start up or at heavy load such as the start of a hill climb. This has been going on for about 1 year. Belt seems fine and the 72 mo. Battery installed 7-09. 2000 Olds Alero, 2.4L engine. Battery seems to be at full charge. Could the alternator have a dead spot or need replacing or could it be a connection?

Yes, it could be the alternator. It may be right on the edge of putting out enough voltage until a heavy load is out on it. But, the computer (PCM) is what controls the alternator output.

Where is the engine compartment light located? Recently hit a deer and had the car fixed, but now I have no light under the hood? 2001 aurora 4.0L

It is located on the rear underside of the hood on the drivers side. A small wiring harness comes up to it from around the area of the master cylinder.

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