Oldsmobile Aurora Running Hot And Coolant runs out Overflow

1999 Oldsmobile Aurora. Replaced cracked radiator. Replaced radiator, thermostat, water pump, reservoir cap, and flushed system. Ever since i replaced everything above the car still overheats. When the car is running hot the coolant runs out of the reservoir tank. At times when hot cold air blows out of the vents before turning hot. If been told that it is possibly a bad gauge or bad head. Please help.

oldsmobile aurora


As long as there are no air pockets from the above repairs from not properly bleeding the system then these conditions, along with the repairs already made, do make me think you have head gasket problems.

This engine was know for having headgasket problems causing overheating, and blowing cold air when heater on. Sometimes the gasket forces compression gases into the cooling system, causing air pockets. The air pockets cause the boiling over, and the no heater from heater.

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