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2001 Silhouette Shudders
Misfiring at idle and driving, especially under load, but can occur at any time.
On hwy, van will hesitate /shudder / jerk; letting up on pedal and gently easing back onto it will correct the
problem for a bit. Also stepping on pedal and shifting to lower gear seems to minimize at least feeling the
shuddering. Especially noticeable cruise is on. Cruise and A/C on seem to make it worse. Within the last day
have noted this: high idle, between 900-1100 rpm.
Where Are The Transmission Speed Senors Located
I have replace almost all sensor and need a diagram of the transmission speed sensors and shift solenoids.
The location of the sensor depends on which ones you want to change.
There are a few shift solenoids and an input and output speed sensor. I will send a diagram in a moment.
Referencing the diagram I will send, the solenoids in the side cover require lowering the
frame/engine/transmission assembly nearly out of the car.
Problem With My 2000 Oldsmobile Silhouette airbag Code
My airbag light is on. I had the computer scanned and came back with code B0065. They did not
know what it meant and said to go to the dealer. Can you help
Security Light Flashes on My Oldsmobile Delta 88
This is a Pass-key II system. My battery had a bad cell so i replaced it. After that the cars security light
flashes and the car will not crank. I guess really my question would be how can i reset the security system.

Oldsmobile 88 Dies Won't Start
Live Chat:
Yes, i have a 1998 Oldsmobile Delta 88 3800. Car was driving fine. All of a sudden stopped. Tried to crank it
but, won't start. Its turning over very good but will not start. Changed fuel pump. Can you confirm you have
fuel pressure?
Yes, I pushed the button on the rail and fuel came out. Checked for sparks at the spark plugs it was good.
Didn't check all the plugs.
Did the fuel spray hard or just sort of come out? Just because there is fuel there, does not mean the PSI is
high enough.
Olds Aurora Secondary AIR Injection Code p0410
I replaced secondary air injection pump with new GM part
and 2 wire connector to fix a GM  
P0410 code check engine light is still on after
being cleared. Wondering if there is some fuse or wire...
My 1996 Cutlass Supreme wont Start
I drove my car about 30 miles and parked it. Within 5 minutes I went to start  it up
and it won't start! It won't even turn over AFTER charging the battery. I tried to...
Clicking Noise in Dash of My 2002 Alero Sounds Like Turn Signals
sound that is made when the  turn signal is on. It varies in speed,
sometimes slower than the turn signal, sometimes  faster. This is
happening at random without...
Leaking Coolant On 3400
I replaced the intake manifold gaskets but i still have the milkshake
antifreeze in the oil. See my picture and video of the rocker arms
Check Engine Light Code P1635 Volt Reference Problem
Replaced IAC and idle no longer raced but still was too high. MAF code for  reference voltage. Back probed
sensor and found 4.2 V at the MAF. Disconnected MAF  and reference pin was at 5V. Replaced MAF, code
cleared. Idle still erratic. Code set  for Reference A voltage high. Back probed TP, Fuel Tank Pressure
Sensor, MAP, and  EGR and found 5V reference either connected or disconnected. Noticed that upon key  
on, Reference A will go to 6.2V. Took fuel pump out of the circuit and Reference A  stays at 5V with key on.
Jumping in the fuel pump causes the Reference A voltage to go to 6.2V with or without the sensors
connected. All grounds have been checked good   and tight. Any ideas of what next? I can't imagine a
voltage regulator in the PCM failing in such a way to cause this behavior, but I'm at a loss as to what's
causing it. Maybe a back EMF on the ground from the fuel pump? In any case, any help/insight would be  
greatly appreciated.
Replace Engine Now Won't Start
I put a 3.4L engine from a Chevy Impala in my Olds Alero now it does
not start. It cranks but won't run. Could it be the PCM?
1999 Alero Gas Gauge Needle Stuck
Battery problem caused all needles in dash to fly rapidly
back and forth, all needles went back to normal, except the gas gauge...
Aurora AC Blows Warm After Car Sitting
My car has been sitting for a long time, and now the A/C blows warm. I
recharged the...
Does the Passenger Airbag Blow Off when the Steering Wheel Does
my 1998 olds 88? In other words, if nobody is in the passenger seat
does the dashboard airbag deploy anyway in an accident?
1995 Olds Aurora 4.0 Oveheats
GM dealer replaced water pump, later replaced by-pass hoses beyond pump.
Question: Engine was losing water and noticed leaks. Repairs were done and re-done. After repairs engine
temp was way to hot. Bottom radiator hose burst. Replaced hose, still running hot. Replaced thermostat, still
running hot. Could not get to a repair shop, running hot, mechanic said to bleed air from block. Where and
how? Tried threaded cap where radiator flush goes. I don't think this is right.
1996 Oldsmobile Aurora coolant fan circuit
Numerous electrical issues, engine harness at firewall- replaced entire harness, corrected most other
issues. work  Checked fuses, No 2 and no 3 cooling fan relays.
With ohm meter checked control circuit wire for these 2 relays back to the pcm. Checked engine operating
temperature according to pcm via obd scan port, above perceived fan cut in. Appears pcm is not signaling
relays. According to wiring diagrams pcm should ground the control circuit in relay at cut-in and is not doing
so. Wire back to pcm is inactive according to ohm meter. Can not locate #1 cooling fan relay
(other 2 under hood at rt front) to perform same checks on it.
1999 Oldsmobile Alero trunk wont open.
2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue DTC p0137 oxygen sensor
Check engine light codes P0137. Crank sensor replaced approx 20,000 mile previously.
Question: Code reader gives P0137, what do I check next?
I have been warned not to jump to replace 02 sensor because it could be something else. I have the normal
set of tools such and a DVM.
This code is for low voltage on 02 sensor #2, post catalytic converter. Several things can cause this condition.
Oldsmobile Alero misfire no power
The vehicle was just in a front corner collision. Changed spark plugs.
Question: I just had a collision in the front driver side corner of my vehicle, everything is pretty much
cosmetic, but after the collision the car started idling funny, and lacks power when i push the gas
and is really hard to start in the mornings.
Went to Autozone and the guy said it was a mis fire code, and to change my spark plugs and it
would fix it, i did, and it did nothing. Is there a sensor or something that could make the car act this
way? That could have possibly been messed up in the wreck, thank you so much.
Extra hose on the radiator and no heat on one side of dash my Oldsmobile Aurora.
My 1999 Olds Cutlass transmission downshifts and bounces.
2001 Oldsmobile Aurora coolant sensor location
I have an Oldsmobile Aurora 3.5L and it has had the light on for fluid level low , and has been worked on for
this issue before. The fan was blowing and it was over heating so they fixed that. It was fine until tonight. The
car has that light on, the car is over heating when i drive, when i am idle it goes back down, which its normally
the other way around. Then my car acted like it wouldnt start , but it did and i was driving. I got home and had
my dad put coolant in it, then i tried starting my car three times and it wouldn't start. The fourth time it started
but barley. WHAT CAN I DO? I NEED MY CAR?
What is wrong with it?
2001 Olds Aurora low oil pressure.
2001 olds Alero service vehicle soon light on dash problem.
2001 Oldsmobile Silhouette no start, electrical problem.
1995 olds cutlass supreme 3.1
Alero 2004 service vehicle light on dash and no lights at night.
Security relearn procedure 1999 Alero. Wont crank over. Light on.
Aurora overheats after replacing radiator
Replaced radiator, thermostat, water pump, reservoir cap, and flushed system. Ever since i
replaced everything above the car still overheats. When the car is running hot the coolant runs out
of the reservoir tank. At times when hot cold air blows out of the vents before turning hot. If been
told that it is possibly a bad gauge or bad head. Please help.
2001 Oldsmobile Aurora a/c blows warm
A/C recharged, low pressure side is cold to the touch. But only blows warm air in passenger compartment.
Gauge cycles up in to the alert area then returns to top of charged area.
Question: What needs to be checked next? Car has been setting for about 5 months. Previous owner said it
has been checked and their are no leaks. You can hear pump cycle when fuse is pulled and replaced.
2002 Olds Alero wont start
I came home from work and my car was working fine when i turned it off i forgot to switch it to park and after i turned
it off i then switched it to park. Then a few minutes later the car wont start and the engine wont even cranks over.
I thought it was going to be the battery but all of the electrical stuff works. When i turn the key everything is off but
the security light, once i let go off the key all the lights come on including the radio. You cant here a thing when you
try to start it, so i wonder if theres an engine kill or something. Thanks and please write back as soon as you can.
2002 Alero has no power to windows
Question: Occasionally when starting the car, the lights, all dash components, A/C, radio, power windows
do not work. The only thing that works is power door locks. The engine runs fine during this. I have to
shut the car off and restart several times for everything to start working again. What's up?
1999 Aurora is hard to start at times.
2001 3.5 OBDII codes p0385, p0410 secondary AIR injection and crank position repair.
1999 Silhouette radio say LOC. Need code to unlock.
My 1997 Bravada gas gauge needle jumps, not accurate.
2001 Aurora p0285 , p0410 and crankshaft position sensor code.
Problem with my gas gauge on 1999 Intrique does not work.
No heat in my 1999 Olds 88. Heater core hoses are both hot. Coolant is full.
Oldsmobile Alero brake light problem
2001 Oldsmobile Alero Service Vehicle Soon.
Question: Why does my left and right brake lights don't work but the middle brake light does?
There doesn't appear to be any blown bulbs or fuses.service vehicle soon light on dash.
Intrique MAF Sensor Code
Replaced intake and cylinder head gaskets, and sensor. Check engine light is
on car with airflow code. Has rough idle and bogs worn when hitting the gas.
P0717 Transmission Input Speed Sensor
I had the computer codes in my car scanned and got a trans code. What can i do to
repair this problem. Shifting is kind of sluggish and has no power when accelerate.
Olds Intrigue Heater and Wiper Problems
Many electrical problems. Blower motor, engine light, low coolant
and car stalls at times. Can this be a computer or ignition switch.
Oldsmobile Alero Knocking Ticking
The V6 engine in my Olds Alero is ticking when it is cold. Also the horn
goes off whenever. Gas gauge and speedometer dont work.
Oldsmobile Achieva Security Light
Have problems with the gauges and the theft security system on my
Oldsmobile Achieva. Had a mechanic replace the dash cluster but
now check engine light is on. How to clear codes.
Oldsmobile Alero Truck
The trunk on my car will  not open. Is there a way to get into it by
taking out the back seat or do I need a locksmith?
Timing Belt Jumped
Will the 3.4L DOHC engine hit the valves and bend them if the timing belt
is shredded and jumped? How can i check this?
Check Engine Light And Runs Rough
Replaced Intake Manifold Gasket replaced a few weeks ago.
Question: Check engine light came on and car began to run rough after I had the intake manifold replaced on it. Was
told by another mechanic that vacuum hoses were broken and one needed repaired. My question is, could this be
from the intake manifold gasket being installed wrong?
It is possible that the job was done incorrectly. To replace the intake manifold gaskets, basically the entire top of the
engine has to come off. I have also seen the incorrect gaskets installed. This causes several different problems. That
job includes removal of many vacuum lines and hoses. It is very possible the mechanic broke one or more, especially
it the car has a lot of miles on it. The hoses and lines would be quite brittle and break easily.
2000 Alero Overheats And Leaks Water
I changed the thermostat on my car, but the engine still over heats. Water is coming out of
the overflow reservoir. What is wrong with my car?
1998 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Fuel Pump Wiring
I need a schematic for the fuel pump ground circuit. I have looked all over but
cannot get the correct diagram.
1996 Cutlass Supreme Coolant Temp Reads Hot
I replaced the coolant temperature sensor on my engine after it was replaced, but it still always reads
hot. What is wrong with my car? I think i need to test the wiring and the computer grounds but not
sure how to do that. A schematic and meter i need to chek out my car and diagnose it the right way.

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