Oldsmobile Aurora Code P1645

1997 Oldsmobile Aurora 4.0 V8 service engine soon codes P1645. They change a fuel line as a part of a company recall and I changed the 2 quick disconnect parts where the nylon fuel line meets the metal line.

Question: I read that p1645 is related to the evap system. When I drive sometimes the check engine light turns of and after a while it turns off again. I'm not sure but it looks like it comes on when the car is running but not moving. Or maybe it happened that way just accidentally. Can I fix that by myself? I have to take the car for the emission test soon. What should I do to fix it?Thank you very much?

oldsmobile aurora

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The code you have is for the evap emissions purge solenoid control circuit. With the repairs made previously to the fuel system, it is very possible that a wire or connector was pulled off, or damaged.

First, check ALL fuses, underhood fuses, dash fuses, and fuses under rear seat. Next, remove the engine cover and look for any sensors, control valves in the area of the fuel rail that may have been left unplugged. Also check for any damaged vacuum hoses. I would bet that is where you will find the problem, somewhere around the fuel rail and lines.

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