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Like you said, there are two cables to the throttle body plate. One comes from the pedal the other one is for the cruise control. Try unplugging the cruise module and see if that stops the unintended acceleration

Oldsmobile Bravada questions

Can someone tell me where the fog lights relay is on 97 Oldsmobile Bravada????

Electric inside car and gauges off and on

Think it's the bcm but some time the gauges come on when I try to turn ac or Windows they got off. Car running good 2002 Oldsmobile alero if I reset it by disconnecting both sides of battery and clap them together for 15 minutes will that help or do I have to have the bcm cleaned or replaced

Door Lock & Radio Issue (Alero)

I just picked up this 2004 Alero with 51K miles. The car is literally like new except for these couple issues. I'm not sure if they are related or not. Everything is stock original. Here's the scenarios:


Start engine, put in drive

Doors automatically lock

Stop car, put in park, kill engine

Doors will NOT unlock automatically


Turn key to on position or start engine

Radio plays and works perfectly

With radio "on", turn key to off position, remove key, open door

Radio still plays,

Get out of car and lock doors with remote, radio still is on.

unlock doors with remote, open and shut door(s), re-lock doors with remote,

radio then turns off.

Can someone please tell me what to check to solve these two issues? This is my sons first car and I want to make sure these issues are fixed before I turn it over to him.



door unlock problem

on my 03 oldsmobile alero, when I turn off the car the doors won't unlock. How do I fix it.

Need help 1998 Eighty Eight LS 3.8

I need help. I have a 1998 eighty eight LS that shows symptoms of over heating but temperature gage is normal , but shuts off and car will not restart until it cools all the way down. Engine miss fires and backfires and goes dead diesling.

'99 Olds 88 lowbeams

I have a 1999 Oldsmobile 88, and the low beams aren't working. hi-beams and tail lights work. One low-beam went out, and when they went to change the bulbs, the second one also went out.

I checked the car manual and it says there is no fuse for the headlights, so I have no idea what to do.

2002 olds Silhouette

My 2002 olds Silhouette was running great but I let my nephew drive it to Idaho from South Carolina, now before he drove it I had noticed that when I tried to crank it,it wouldn't turn over but I would try to crank it again and it cranked right up. The van ran perfect, no knocks in the engine or problems with the transmission.It ran perfect going to Idaho although hesitated to crank once on the trip. As soon as he made it to Idaho to his apartment

He turned it off and when he tried to crank it it would start at all, he tried jumping it off but no luck so due to money constraints the van sit a little under a month and he finally towed it to the mechanic and they replaced the starter so now it will crank butt it won't stay cranked so now they are trying to figure out what's wrong. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it.

1995 Oldsmobile Oil leak

I got a 95 Oldsmobile 88 royal and its leaking oil out the bottom of the motor what could it be

ICM burn up 99 Olds silhouette 3.4

The van was fine, then a 30 mile trip turned it off. When restarted SIL came on then started flashing. P0303 code tested plug,wire ,coil all ok. Decided to test ICM it tested bad EST/Spout circuit is bad! New ICM installed, flashing SIL took new one for testing. Failed EST/Spout. How to test ECU, X7/X24 CKP, CMP sensors. Any other ideas? It's Mom's van and she is impatient! HELP PLEASE and Thanks

1993 ciera 3.3 won't start when hot

starts cold then runs fine,no stalling.once gets hot won't start,turns over.let sit for a hour starts and runs fine again.just now took it to emission test passed came home turned it off tried to restart won't start.let sit for a hour started right up.

1998 88LS

V6 stalls while driving. Will start right up and drives ok. Happens now and again sometimes week or more before it happens again. could it be fuel filter?

1990 88 Royale wont start when hot

I have a 90' Olds 88 (3800 Series 1) with 60,000 miles. When the car is driven for 30-40 minutes and you turn it off like you would do to stop and get gas the car will not restart. I have to wait 2 hours for it to fully cool down before it will start up again.

I have replaced the fuel pump, sending unit, ICM, EGR, MAF, Idle controler, fuel regulator, alternator and crank position sensor. What would cause this to happen? It makes no sense to me so any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

1998 Oldsmobile 88 stahled out and now won't turn over

I was driving my 98 88 Oldsmobile that when driving, sputters alot. I stopped yesterday and put $10 gas in the car. When I left the gas station, I got to a red light about 500 ft. away. As I waited for the light to change green, the car stalled out and now won't turn over? The more I try to start it, the worse it seems to get. It's to the point now that it doesn't even want to try to turn over, it now is starting to just make a clicking sound. Don't know what the problem could be?

04 Oldsmobile Alero has No brakes!!!

Have an 04 alero that just replaced the brake, cut the rotors, replace the passenger piston due to it was stuck,and bled the brakes.a month later i was driving and now i couldnt stop. The pedal went all to the floor and there was no fluid in the resevoir.i see no leakage anywhere. I put more fluid but the pedal still goea to the floor...can someone help???

98 intrigue electronic problem

98 Olds Intrigue push on the brake and get 3 dings and dash cluster all gauges go to zero, let off brake everything comes back. Does this everytime you push on the brake does anybody know what would be wrong

2004 alero fans not turning on

Fans are not turning on. i have to turn on/off my ac so the fans to turn on my relays are good i just dont know what it is

1998 88 olds won't start makes clack sound

yesterday car randomly died but then was fine. fuel filter needed to be changed so I did that and now it won't start or crank I just hear a loud clack sound. what do I do now?

2000 intrigue

Just bought this intrigue recently and when you put it in anything other than park there's a warning chime that relentlessly dings during your entire drive. Was wondering if maybe somehow a seatbelt wire was lose or something however there are no indicator lights on the dash. The fuel gauge works when it wants but last start it said full and still had the constant warning chime. Any tips or ideas would be great, for now the radio works to drown out the chiming.

oldsmobile auroua a/c problem

I am looking for a wiring diagram for a 2001 oldsmobile auroua 3.5L......for the a/c is fully charged and there is no compressor engagement I checked the fuse and I swapped the relay with the horn relay which is exactly the same I unplugged the compressor with the car running and a/c on high and found I have power but no ground......I would like to trace the ground wire to see where it goes and the problem is....thanks in advance for any help

Olds Silhouette Climate Control System

98 olds silhouette minivan, after replacing battery... The buttons for A/C , rear defrost, and air intake switching won't work, heat blows cool, AC doesn't get cold... fuses on inside dash passenger side seem fine.

Oldsmobile silhouette Ignition switch burned up

I have a 95 Oldsmobile silhouette van the ignition switch burned up what would cause this to happened ?

Oldsmobile cutlass ciera leaking oil & antifreeze

My cutlass ciera leakin oil & antifreeze from the right side of motor

1990olds 88 won't start

Car quit while driving,it turns over but won't run what can I check

1995 Olds Cutlass supreme

Have what they call a "throw away" Cutlass that started running rough. Long story short the car will now start and idle when you step on the gas it will rev to 2000/2500 rpms then start backfiring and sputtering. I have replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter, EGR valve, map sensor, spark plugs, coil pack, pressure regulator, manifold gaskets, have checked and cleaned the catalytic converter, and checked the relay fuse. Problem is the car has no power, Can't get it to go. Any ideas what the problem is or what else I can do. Please and thank you for any suggestions.

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