How To Remove Oldsmobile Alero Spark Plugs

2001 Oldsmobile Alero. Question: I'd like to change the spark plugs but don't have any idea on how to tackle the coil over plug system. Could you give me some tip son how to get at the plugs?

Actually this is not too difficult. Just remove the large cover over the top of the engine. 4 bolts hold it on. Remove the bolts, wiring connector, then wiggle a little/pull assembly up.

Under the assembly, the spark plug boots may stay on the coils, or on the plugs. If they stay on the plugs, just use a pair of pliers and twist them out. Will need a spark plug socket and extension to reach down to the plugs.

oldsmobile alero

Gauges problem with my 2000 olds Alero. Question: All the gauges just stopped working have checked fuses.

Answer: If there were other electrical problems with the car, i would suspect a bad ignition switch or fuse block/junction block problem. This would have to be a problem in the PCM, the Class II data wire from the PCM to the cluster, or an internal cluster problem.

Gauges are sent data on the Class II line and the cluster interprets the data. A scanner that can read inputs to the cluster would be need to see if the PCM is sending data. And diagnosis of the data line for an open or short to ground.

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