Oldsmobile Aurora Code P0385 Crank Sensor- P0410 Air Pump

Oldsmobile Aurora codes check engine light P0385 and P0410. P0410 came on first then p0385. P0410 came on first. The light would go out for a short time but would come back on. I have been trying to investigate the problem. The p0385 started up next the tach started go nuts. Please send me information on how to fix. I do antique cars but this new cars are something else. Please detail steps .. Location and parts needed.

I know that P0410 involves the secondary air pump system and the p0385 is for the crankshaft position sensor b circuit. I don't know if there is a connection or two difference problem. Please instruct me how to fix.

oldsmobile aurora


These codes are probably not related. P0410- most likely cause is the AIR pump has failed and needs to be replaced. GM has a kit with new pump and hose- part # 19515548. Instructions included with kit. Check the AIR fuse in the underhood fuse block first. If it is blown, then the problem is the pump, and possibly the harness is melted. If fuse is not blown, and the pump is good, see this P0410 Problems.

P0385 is the crank position sensor. Also from under the car. A little tough to get to. Will need a socket, extension, and swivel to remove. Quite hard on the wrist. Removal of the starter will make it easier, but not absolutely necessary.

After replacing the crank sensor, you will need to have a crankshaft variance re-learn procedure done, or the same code will come back. This needs to be done with a scanner.I will gather some pics to help you with these repairs and send them.

Question: I am working on a 1987 Olds Toronado for a guy, He says he has had to put three ECM's in the car through the years (it has 260000 miles but looks new) the problem is it keeps dying and you never know when. When it starts to happen you can feel it shutter for just a second,then the dash reads ECM? And also possible bad ground. It comes up with codes for the BCM, the numbers are B0334, B0335, B0336, B0337, and B0552.

Could this be a bad wire loosing contact for just a second? All but the last code mean loss of DATA of some kind. When I try to Google the code numbers it comes up with Cadillac problems. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Answer: Yes, this is a wiring problem. That is why you get those loss of communication codes and then eventually a dead computer. You have a shorted out harness somewhere causing all these problems. Check the harness on the passenger side rear top of the engine as it goes below the alternator.

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