Oldsmobile Silhouette Check Engine Light

Oldsmobile Silhouette. Engine size = 3.4L. Service Engine Soon light on the dash.
Question: My Olds Service Engine Soon light came on 2 days ago. Everything seams fine. How do I code it and how do I reset the light? Thanks for your time.

Hello and welcome. Anytime the check engine light is on, the computer is seeing a problem in one of the vehicles systems. A scanner is required to get the codes, to start diagnosis. Some of the large national parts store chains will do this for free. Once the code(s) are retrieved, diagnosis can begin.

2001 Oldsmobile Silhouette low fuel light.
My van gas gage reads full all the time, after driving (sometimes for awhile, other times for a block) the gage drops to empty. Last night i was driving and the van reads low fuel and started acting like it was out of gas and died so i put about 5 dollars in from a gas container(not old fuel) and it started but continued to sputter and die stays running for maybe 3 to 4 seconds.

oldsmobile silhouette


See pictures below. This is most likely a problem with the fuel level sensor in the gas tank. There are little fingers on the sensor that corrode away. You would need to remove the fuel tank, take out the pump assembly, and replace the sensor.

Another possibility is a wiring problem under the van. Underneath just behind the drivers seat is a harness connector that goes into the body. They tend to get water intrusion and cause green corrosion. Disconnect it and look at both ends. If it is green, clean it off and add some grease. If it is real bad, the connectors would need to be replaced.

GM Fuel Level Sensor  Fuel Level Sensor Causes Gas Gauge To Fluctuate

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Question: I had a problem with my van today.
Answer: What make and model and what problem?

I thought i ran out of gas today but we up about 2 gallons in and it still wont start. 2004 Oldsmobile Silhouette. It sounds like it almost starts but it wont.
You may have sucked some dirt into the fuel pump or filter.
So how can i fix that and how much would that cost ?
You need to check fuel pressure. A shop would charge about 1 hour labor diagnosis.

Can i check the fuel pressure myself ?
You will need a gauge. The pressure tap valve is on the fuel rail under the hood.
OK. What if the pressure is low? Does that mean i need to change the fuel filter ?
Ya, i would do that first. If that does not help, the n the pump is probably bad.

Sounds good. If there isnt anything wrong with the fuel what else could it be ? Because I'm not sure that it ran out of gas, i just that was it did.
You may have a bad fuel level sensor in th tank that is reading incorrectly and you actually did run our of gas. To start from the basics of a no start condition, you need to check fuel pressure, injector pulse signal and spark at the plugs.
The gas gauge doesn't work, i dont know when im out. I just fill it up as much as i can. We were at a red light and when it turned green, it could go past 20mph then 10mph then slower and slower.
Sounds like a bad fuel pump.

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