Oldsmobile Cutlass ABS And Engine Light

Oldsmobile Cutlass. Dash lights ABS. Replaced brake pads. Question: what can i do for a slipping transmission?

Answer: Have a filter change, and a flush service performed. When they remove the pan, they will inspect for debre in the bottom of the pan, which would indicate internal transmission parts failure.

oldsmobile cutlass

Problem with my 1999 Olds Cutlass. Engine size = v6. ABS and check engine light. Unknown just bought the car 1 week ago, was on when i PURCHASED IT. Question = my abs light is on dash, do i need new brakes/pads? And the check engine light is on.

An ABS light does not have anything to do with brakes pads or shoes.A warning light means a problem was detected, and the ABS system needs to be scanned for codes in order find out the area the fault is in. With the light on, ABS operation is not present, but normal braking is.

1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. Could you please tell me how to remove the left front axle on the above vehicle? The tire and wheel came off when my daughter was driving it. And sheared all the studs off that hold the wheel to the axle. She's ok thank God. I was able to remove the sheared studs, and purchase new ones, however they are too long to insert from the axle rear. I asked the clerk at the auto parts store if he had shorter studs. He told me that these studs were specific to this car, and that I would have to pull the axle to make enough clearance to insert the studs from the rear.

Glad your daughter is ok. There are 2 ways to go about this. Either way the brake rotor, caliper and caliper bracket will need to come off. Be careful with the abs sensor harness.

1- remove or loosen the hub enough to get the new studs in. The hub is bolted to the knuckle assembly. From behind, there are 3 bolts that hold it on.(see pic) If not in the back then 3 bolts go in from the outside of the hub, gaining access through the holes in the hub between the stud holes. That depends on suspension and year and trans. Remove the center axle nut only if you totally remove the hub. Once removed or loosened enough, then install studs by tapping in with a hammer to get the splines started, then tighten a nut with washer to draw it and fully seat it. An air gun works best.

2- Without loosening or removing the hub, grind off just enough of the stud head (see pic) to slip the stud into place from a spot on the knuckle that gives the most room. The best spot is the area where the caliper mounts. Tap in and draw stud to fully seat. If you get stuck, just come back and tell me where the problem is.

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