1994 Oldsmobile 98 Regency. Engine size = 3800 V6. Check engine light.
Question = check engine light has been on a few weeks now. About a week ago the car has taken
to dieing when the engine warms up. You can go about 20 miles just fine then she starts to die
especially on right hand turns.

Anytime a check engine light is on, the first step is to get the codes read from the computer so as
to have some direction for diagnosis. Many things can cause a check engine light, and many
things can cause the problem you are having. You could be having a sensor problem, a wiring
problem, a fuel pressure problem. Getting the codes is the first step.
Oldsmobile 98. 3800 v6 3.8L. Didn't pass emission test. Replaced spark plugs, air filter,
removed catalytic converter and cleaned reinstalled low on funds replaced O2 sensor.

Where in the heck is the egr valve on this car i have looked all over this car the only place i think is
in the intake manifold.

The EGR valve is located on the back side of the engine, between the
throttle body and brake
booster. Without any stored emissions codes or the reading from your test, it would be impossible to
help with this problem.
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Oldsmobile 98 Regency Engine Light On
I have a Buick Oldsmobile 1993, when i back up it screeches like something is dragging and it also,
seems stalled to back up. When i drive it does the same thing what does that mean? I also, have the
break light thing on in my car but i don't know what that means.

It could be something in the brakes that is hanging up or broken and causing the noise. If it seems to
be dragging the car down or slowing it up, then you definitely have a problem with the brakes.
If the red brake light is illuminated on the dash, you are either low on brake fluid or have the
emergency brake applied.