Oldsmobile Intrigue fuel Gauge Stuck

Oldsmobile Intrique. Question: the fuel gauge wont move on my Oldsmobile. It is stuck and i don't know howw much gas i have in the tank. How do i fix it?

Answer: The most common cause for a fuel gauge not working or to be inaccurate is the fuel level sensor in the fuel tank is bad. This sensor is a resistor and can corrode over time. Have had a few bad connections and broken wires in the harness that plugs into the fuel tank unit, but usually the sensor is the problem. Removal of the gas tank is required to replace that sensor. It is attached to the fuel sender assembly which also has the fuel pump on it, but the sensor can be replaced separately. Not a fun job to do in your garage.

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Question: I have a 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue with a 3.5L engine. We have intermittent starting problems. When i turn the key it will sometimes not crank over. The battery is new and we've replaced the starter. I've seen online several other Intrigue owners with similar problems. Any ideas? 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue 3.5L V6. New battery, new starter, cleaning the battery contacts.

Answer: A few possibilities-The CRANK relay or connection into the fuse block under the hood is faulty. You can remove that relay and clean the terminals and apply a little di-electric grease to see if that helps. An ignition switch problem- The ignition switch sends power to many of the cars systems. If faulty, you may notice some other electrical problem- like no dash warning lights, clicking in the dash, etc. because of low voltage to these different systems.

Or a security problem. A common cause for this is a faulty ignition cylinder. Also know as the passlock cylinder. When it does not crank, note if the security of theft light is on or flashing after releasing the key during a no crank condition. Releasing the key, not turning it off. If the security light is on, this may indicate a passlock cylinder problem. Of course this is assuming there is no non-factory alarm or remote start system on the car. These are also common for causing starting problems.

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