The gas gauge on 1999 Intrique does not work.
No heat in my 1999 olds 88. Heater core hoses are both hot. Coolant is full.
Clunk noise in the steering and brakes
When you come out of park and go in to reverse or drive and on the brake while
car is moving slowly you will hear and feel in the brake pedal a clunk just once.
Rear suspension noise
I take a corner and hit a small bump at the same time the car
moves or sways over the rear wheels, not up and down but side to
side like something is loose.
The gas gauge on 1999 Intrique
It does not work correctly. It jumps all over the place.
MAF Sensor Code
Replaced intake and cylinder head gaskets, and sensor. Check
engine light is on car with airflow code. Has rough idle and bogs
worn when hitting the gas.
Olds Intrigue Heater and Wiper Problems
Many electrical problems. Blower motor, engine light, low coolant
and car stalls at times. Can this be a computer or ignition switch.
Both electric mirrors motors not working..fuse 2amp ok.. Has electric power going to
switch. Not sure if right wire..switch replaced for mirrow...power window work ok.
If you replaced the switch and they still do not work, then you
have a wiring problem. Most likely in the door to body
passthrough boot. That is the rubber boot between the door and
body. Cut that open and look for broken wires. Very common.
What would make my 2002 intrigue not start put a new fuel pump in and it still dont start
no spark.
Having no spark has nothing to do with the fuel pump. I hope you
did not replace it for that. No spark can be a bad ignition module,
crank position sensor, blown fuse, bad PCM.
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>Oldsmobile Intrigue Car Repair Questions
Check Engine Light And Runs Rough
I had the intake manifold gaskets replaced on my 3800 V6 and now the
car runs bad and has an engine light on. Could the mechanic have done
the repair wrong?
Low Oil Pressure At Idle
My Olds 98 Regency has low oil pressure after replacing the intake manifold.
Is there a sensor that can cause this problem?