Oldsmobile And Buick Suspension Noises

Hi there. I have a 1998 olds intrigue with a multi link independent rear suspension, and when ever i take a corner and hit a small bump at the same time the car moves or sways over the rear wheels, not up and down but side to side like something is loose. Do you have any ideas what could be causing this. 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue.

Worn out struts are a common cause for this. As well as a bent trailing arm or control arm. Trailing arm or control arm bushings worn out can also cause this.

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When you come out of park and go in to reverse or drive and on the brake while car is moving slowly you will hear and feel in the brake pedal a clunk just once then its not there at all you can come to a complete stop and go again and it will not do it. Only happens when u come out of park and move. Problem with my 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue.

Well, kind of hard to say without feeling / hearing it. A few things to have checked would be the lower control arm bushings, ball joints, frame mounts. Control arm bushings can do this one time feel by shifting position and staying there until you put in park and get it to do it again.

My 2000 LeSabre has 132,000 miles. I have it serviced regularly and have owner it since 2000. There is a squeak in the suspension when traversing any roads with dips. At first I thought the squeak was from the rear but now I am unsure. My regular mechanic who I trust has lubed some suspension bushings. This has not worked. I also had the shocks replaced several years ago with aftermarket products. Would like to have this squeak eliminated. It drives me crazy.

It could be time for new shocks/struts again on your Buick. Strut mounts over the years start to dry out and make squeaking noises over bumps. You may need control arm bushings in the front and rear as well. If everything was lubricated well, it should have changed the noise at least a little bit and hopefully lead your mechanic in the right direction.

If it is a mechanical noise, like coming from the inside of a strut or shock, then lubricating wouldn't make a difference. Depending on how long ago you've replaced them, and with the amount of miles that are on the car, I would recommend replacement. When you replace struts, you need to make sure you get new upper mounts and bearing plates too, as these don't come with the struts.

You may also want to check for any broken sway bar end links, or dry rotted sway bar bushings. Those make a lot of noise too, when they go bad.

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