Oldsmobile Intrigue Mass Air Sensor Code

1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue 3.8 V6. Check engine light MAF circuit code. New heads, gaskets, intake and exhaust manifold gaskets... Almost the whole top end of the engine. This was done about a year ago by myself and a professional. Coil packs and o2 sensors.

Question: The car has a really rough idle and at times bogs down. This happens while the cars cold and after it gets hot with no change. The code that comes up is a mass air flow circuit code. I put a new MAF on and it did not remedy the problem by any means. The wiring seems to be good. And i have looked it over.

I had the top end of the engine done and it was running great, almost like a new car. But about a year after that, it started to go down hill. I even put new intake manifold gaskets on it and no change again. I'm running out of ideas to fix this car and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

oldsmobile intrigue


Have you checked for power and ground on the MAF circuit? Is the idle always the same, or some days different? After clearing codes, does it run better, and then the light comes back on? Did you check for a vacuum leak?

Yes, the power to the MAF seems to be fine i ran through it all with a multi-meter. The idle seems to always be the same. I have also experienced a loss of power while accelerating. The rpms seem to sit low even with the gas pedal put down to the floor while driving at highway speeds.

While in park the RPM's will hit the rev limiter with no problem. When I clear the codes I don't really notice any difference in the cars performance or the idle.

Well, there is more to a MAF circuit than just the power in. There is also a ground and a signal. A problem in either of these circuts will cause these problems. A MAF circuit can act like a low fuel pressure condition or plugged catalytic converter.

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