Oldsmobile Intrigue Hard Starting

2002 Oldsmobile Intrique starting problem. Did a tune up spark plugs and wires fuel filter. Question: 2002 Oldsmobile Intrique is hard to start after it is warmed up. It cranks a long times then stalls and dies out. Have to start it again and rev it up, then it idles good. Also my gas mileage seems to be lower than normal.

Is there a common cause for this problem on my Oldsmobile? Thanks for any help your mechanics can give.

oldsmobile intrigue


By what you describe, this sounds like one of two common problems. Either the fuel pressure regulator is leaking fuel and this is causing a rich condition. This will cause the engine to flood out, hard start, or even dying out.

Or since the check engine light is on, you will need to get the system scanned for codes. You may have a trouble code like P1374 which for the crank shaft position sensor. Another common problem.

First step is to get the system scanned to see what code is stored. If there is a code for the crank position sensor, then it will have to be replaced. If this is on the 3.5L V6 engine, then a sensor relearn procedure will have to be performed with a mechanics scan tool. I will send pics of the location of the fuel pressure regulator and the crank position sensor. Let me know what you find.

VISITOR: hank sooooooo much !. The fuel regulator was leaking. Got it replaced and the code for a rich oxygen sensor cleared, now it starts and idles perfect. You guys were GREAT ! Great pics.

2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue 3.5L V6. Replaced battery and alternator car ran fine for a week and now car won't turn over. Battery and alternator are fine. Question: What would make car not turn over?

Answer: If you're sure the battery still has a charge, and the car won't crank, you could possibly have a bad starter motor. You should check for power to the starter when you hold the key in the crank position. This can be done with a test light at the purple solenoid wire at the starter and the other end on ground.

If you have power while turning the key to crank, then the starter is bad. If you show no power, then you have an ignition problem. You'd need to check the ignition cylinder and ignition switch to make sure they are functioning correctly. Other items can cause the car not to crank as well, such as a theft deterrent problem, body control module or pcm problem. Those would have to be checked out at a dealership that has the proper scanning equipment.

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