Oldsmobile Intrigue Crank Sensor And Oxygen Sensor Codes

2000 Olds Intrigue 3500 V6. Check engine light codes P0137. Crank sensor replaced approx 20,000 mile previously. Question: Code reader gives P0137, what do I check next? I have been warned not to jump to replace 02 sensor because it could be something else. I have the normal set of tools such and a DVM.

This code is for low voltage on 02 sensor #2, post catalytic converter. Several things can cause this condition. 1- A bad sensor 2- lean condition caused by vacuum leaks, low fuel pressure, inaccurate MAF (mass airflow sensor) 3- poor fuel quality 4- possible inefficient cat. Converter, but this will usually give a different code.A scanner to read data is really the key to diagnose this code. The main test is to disconnect sensor, ground the low reference circuit, and look and scanner data to verify voltage range. If it passes, then pcm and wiring are all good. Some common areas of vacuum leak are at the throttle body gasket, PCV hose, lower intake manifold gaskets.

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2002 Olds Intrigue Engine. Crank position failed on sensor check from Autozone. Replaced it. Question: they said they replaced the crank shaft position sensor and car started fine for two weeks and then it started not starting again. But not always, just every now and then just like before. I was told two different things, first that after the piece was replaced that it need to have a Learned performance test and its like no one has heard that before and the other person said they need no adjustment it works when you put it in.

I was trying to narrow the problem down without spending a lot of money i first replaced the battery and Ive replaced the fuel pump in the gas tank and the crank shift position but I'm not convinced it was replaced could have been just removed and put back because it doesn't look new to me

There is a process called 'crankshaft variation learn' that needs to be done after replacement of the crankshaft position sensor. You need a scanner to do this, and should be done only at a GM dealership.

Other places won't have the needed tools to do it. Also, from what you describe, it's a pretty good possibility that you have a starter that is going bad. The intermittent non-starting problem sounds more like a starter issue than a crank sensor problem. And since you don't seem to have a check engine light on or any other warnings, that leans away from a sensor problem too. If you did have a crank sensor going out again it would normally set a code and turn the light on. If you can get the car to act up, check for power at the starter solenoid while trying to crank the car over. If you do have power and it is not starting, then you for sure have a bad starter.

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