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Power steering was invented earlier in the century to deal with the excessive weight of modern vehicles. Power steering relies on a simple principle- a hydraulic pump running off a belt driven by the engine nplaces a small amount of fluid under pressure, which in turn assists the steering mechanism inndirecting the tires as you turn the steering wheel. The system typically includes a pump, a pressure hose assembly, a control valve, and a return line.

Power Steering Questions

There are three types of power steering systems used on passenger vehicles. The first and most popular is known as power rack-and-pinion steering. It utilizes a power unit built directly into the rack assembly. When the wheel turns, an internal rotary valve directs the flow of power steering fluid to the proper end of the power cylinder. The difference in pressure on either side of this cylinder assists in moving the rack, thereby easing steering. A control valve then returns excess fluid to the main reservoir.

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The second system, used mostly on larger vehicles (SUVs and pickup trucks) is called recirculating-ball steering. In this system, a series of steel balls act as rolling threads between the steering shaft and the rack piston. The rack piston moves up (right turn) or down (left turn), assisted by hydraulic pressure. As in the system above, fluid pressure is regulated by a control valve.

The third is in many of todays newer vehicles. It is Electric Power Assist. There is no belt driven power steering pump, pressure or return lines or fluid. This system uses an electric motor, control mmodule, and sensors in the steering column to produce the power assist. If there is a problem in the system, a warning light will come on the dash or the Driver Information Center.

A 2005 Chevy Silverado Diesel power steering and breaks are out. Any suggestions on what the problem would be. Have been told that power steering pump is out. Would this cause break failure? And how would this be checked the power steering pump? -This system is called Hydroboost. It uses the power steering pump to power the brake booster and steering. Most likely the shaft in the steering pump broke causing no pressure. Pry the pulley a little to see if it moves outward from the pump body.

why do i have no power steering after replacing the power steering pump on a 1999 Oldsmobile intrigue 3800 series 2 motor. -If you replaced it for this reason, then you have another problem, like a bad rack and pinion. If the steering was OK before, then you just have air in the system.

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