Oldsmobile Intrigue Radio, Heater And Wiper Problems

2001 Olds Intrigue Warning lights? yes but I dont know what it is. It is a red box and it has a red arrow that points down in the middle of the box and it points to a squiggly line that is inside the box on the bottom. Dont have any codes. I had a serpentine belt and power steering pump changed. Need the tech who diagnosis correctly because i am tired of no one else being able to figure out what the problem is.

Question : I had a serpentine belt and power steering pump replaced because the steering wheel would freeze for about 5 seconds and then come back to normal. Also the radio and the heater and sometimes the wiper blades would be going full blast but for about a couple seconds they will reduce in power and then come back.

Sometimes the heater will turn off completely (at his highest level) but then come back. The lower heater levels always work. His repair fixed the steering problems and it gave full power back to heater. But know the heater thing is happening again. The light just came on though two days ago every time i start my car. It stays on for about 5-10 minutes and then goes off.

oldsmobile intrigue


Sounds like you have a couple different problems going on. First of all, the light on the dash is the Low Coolant light. That would be the priority to get repaired first, because you must have a leak or some other problem that sets the light on.

If the coolant is extremely low, you risk overheating the engine and breaking parts. You'd have to have someone look at it in person to find any leaks or cause of the low coolant light.

The other problem with the wipers, heater, etc, sounds like an electrical problem. Without looking at the car myself, it will be hard to determine the exact cause. It could be something as simple a bad blower motor resistor, or multifunction switch, or something like a pinched wire somewhere or other short that messes up the entire system. This could also be a problem in the ignition switch. The ignition switch feeds power to most of the cars systems.

Try tapping on the head of the key when the engine is running to try to get these things to act up, or clear up. I know this is general information, but your issues really require a first hand look. Take your vehicle to a trusted shop.

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