1999 Oldsmobile Aurora.
Question: my 98 Olds Aurora seems to have a misfire. I just changed the
spark plugs and wires
last year and i checked all the coils (checked the spark plugs and wire as well) but all seems to be
in order.

I cleaned out my egr valve but it made no difference, the check engine light comes on from time to
time but it goes away after some time. The car seems to idle rough more when its in gear than
when in park. Sometimes if i don't put it in neutral at a light it will stall out, furthermore it seems to
be affected more when the heat or a/c is on than when its off. There is a definite misfire it can be
felt under acceleration and at all stops. As I said all the plugs, wires and coils are good.

What else could be causing this problem?

The next step is to have the system
scanned for codes. Most of the large national parts store
chains will do this for free. The codes(s) will give some direction as to where to focus on repairs.
Sticking injector is a possibility.

Vacuum leak also. The idle worse in gear than not, could be a worn engine mount. Sounds like
you have several problems. As first stated, need to get the system scanned to not where to
continue diagnosis.
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Oldsmobile Aurora Engine Misfire And Rough Idle