2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue P0410- Car Does Not Crank

2000 Oldsmobile intrigue check engine soon code P0410. Replaced valve cover gaskets, replaced alternator, vacuum lines, air pump relay. Question: have an 3.5L Oldsmobile Intrigue with secondary air injection issue. I get the p0410 code.

OK this is what i tested. Fuse for air pump is good. New relay for air pump. Checked all vacuum lines to the two air diverter valves they good. There is vacuum at solenoid switch from throttle body but no vacuum after solenoid switch.i did jump out air pump relay and it did turn on pump. But doesn't seem to be turning on vacuum solenoid to diverter valves and also not turning on relay to air pump. I hooked up a vacuum pump to valves directly and they also did not hold vacuum. Checked all vacuum lines and they are right and not broken. Car has 95,000.Thanks.

oldsmobile intrigue

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Thank you for the tip / donation. OK. A few things. Be sure to check the fuse for the air valve solenoid. It is in the under hood fuse block. 10amp, labeled ENG EMIS.I will send a schematic in a few minutes to go along with the info given here. That fuse is hot with key on or engine running. Check for power at pink wire at solenoid after checking fuse. The problem with not using a scanner to turn the entire system on, is that there are 2 separate circuits to the system. Just jumping the pump relay does not turn on the air solenoid. You would have to ground the ground side of the solenoid to activate it. Common cause and tests for P0410 Oldsmobile Aurora and Intrique.

Again, they should hold vacuum with a pump.I will send a schematic in a minute.

Question: Have a 2002 Oldsmobile intrigue. Sometimes won't even crank when starting. Then after 2-5 times, starts right up. Have put in new battery but did it again. Has only happened in really cold weather.

Answer: I'd recommend having the starter checked out. They usually show signs of going bad with intermittent starting problems like the one you describe. The cold weather doesn't help the situation either.

Also, if wiring is corroded, that can cause a problem like this too. Usually the large positive battery cable corrodes at either the battery terminal or at the starter connection. Make sure you put the proper size battery in your car as well. One with lower than recommended cold cranking amps will make the car hard to start. The ignition system is probably ok, unless you have a security or theft light coming on the dash, then that would need to be addressed. If you have a check engine light on, you will need the codes retrieved which will aid in diagnosis.

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