2001 Oldsmobile Aurora P0410 Common Causes

Check engine light problem on my 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora 3.5L. Replaced secondary air injection pump with new GM part and 2 wire connector to fix a P0410 code light is still on after code cleared. Wondering if there is some fuse or wire that could be blown from the air injection pump connector being melted? I have seen this on one other occasion and was not able to repair the car. The injection pump relay is good.

Answer: Yes, there is a 50 amp maxi fuse in the underhood fuse block. That may be blown. There is another common thing that can cause that code is on Aurora and Intrique. Click this link for common causes of P0410 with pictures

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2001 oldsmobile aurora 3.5L V6 P0410. Replaced tps sensor ordered, a mechanic told me it needs air injection valves at $250 each... Question: should i get air injection valves replaced or focus on the diverter valves...i need inspection sticker (expired) and dont know which to fix...

Answer: Not sure what you mean? The A.I.R. diverter valves and injection valves are the same thing. The valves are the most common thing to cause P0410.

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