Trunk Won't Open- Oil Pressure Gauge Too High

Hi I just locked my keys in my 1999 Oldsmobile Alero trunk and my latch button on the side does not work. How do i get into my trunk?
Hello, do you have another set of keys or remote you can use to open the trunk?
I do not have another set of keys or remote.

Well, unless you can get access through the back seat, there is really nothing you can do other than try a locksmith. There is no straps like manuals say there are.

Do you know the process of taking out back seats for 99 Alero. Sometimes the release for the back seats is in the trunk, unfortunately. I read that you can take out the back stereos which are above the trunk and they are there.. But dont see how i can remove them.

You have to take the package tray out, but to do that you need to get the back seat folded down. If you want to try to remove the entire back seat, you have to take the bottom out first which is held in by two plastic clips. Then there are two bolts at the bottom of the seat back which you can take out, then lift the seat back upward to remove it. Then you should be able to get into your trunk to retrieve your keys.

oldsmobile alero

Yes i just replaced oil pressure switch on 2002 olds Aurora old one read 130 psi the new one. It keeps changing as i am driving. Is this the way it works?

You should see some fluctuation while driving.
So that means it is working properly.

What is the lowest it could go down and highest go up without any damage.
Oil pressure as low as 6 psi can be considered acceptable at idle with a hot engine, and usually you don't want to see anything much over 80 psi.
Thank you very much, till the next time.

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