2001 Olds Aurora Coolant Sensor

2001 Oldsmobile Aurora low coolant light is on the dash. I am trying to find the location of the low coolant sensor on this vehicle. It keeps coming on and indicating that the coolant is low but the coolant is not low. I will just replace the sensor if I can find it on the vehicle. Can you help?

The coolant level sensor is in the bottom of the coolant reservoir. It is not replaceable separately. You will have to replace the reservoir to replace the sensor. You want to try this- with the key off, disconnect the sensor, bang on the reservoir a few times, reconnect, and then start car. Sometimes this will free-up a stuck sensor.

Oldsmobile Intrigue 1998 Low coolant light. Replaced the thermostat.
I have a 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue and it has had the light on for fluid level low , and has been worked on for this issue before. The fan was blowing and it was over heating so they fixed that. It was fine until tonight. The car has that light on, the car is over heating when i drive, when i am idle it goes back down, which its normally the other way around. Then my car acted like it wouldnt start , but it did and i was driving. I got home and had my dad put coolant in it, then i tried starting my car three times and it wouldn't start. The fourth time it started but barley. WHAT CAN I DO? I NEED MY CAR? What is wrong with it.

oldsmobile aurora

Well,that depends on what has been done. The problem on your Oldsmobile you are describing sounds like a bad head gasket. That would explain the overheating at idle, hard starting and loss of coolant. Another common problem specific to the 3800 engine is a bad upper intake manifold plenum. they break internally and cause coolant loss and the cylinders get filled with and burn the antifreeze. You need a pressure test to find out what is going on, as well as removing spark plugs and looking for signs of burning antifreeze.

1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue. When you come out of park and go in to reverse or drive and on the brake while car is moving slowly you will hear and feel in the brake pedal a clunk just once then its not there at all you can come to a complete stop and go again and it will not do it. Only happens when u come out of park and move.

Well, kind of hard to say without feeling / hearing it. A few things to have checked would be the lower control arm bushings, ball joints, frame mounts. Control arm bushings can do this one time feel by shifting position and staying there until you put in park and get it to do it again.

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