Oldsmobile Alero Cranks And Won't Start

Problem with my 2001 Oldsmobile Alero. 3.4L V6. Did a main up to date tune up at 65k. Replaced fuel pump and filter. My customer states car cranks but does not start. Another shop had car while this was happining.i was told car started with a tap or two on the gas tank. They had a fuel pump and filter put on customer states car started for two weeks. Then same problem car was towed to me and starts every time no c.e.o.

No codes in history or t.s.b..nothing from wiggle test. I've found this is a common prob with this year make and model but have not found a fix any ideas? Or rec test to run?

Answer: Well,of course you need to verify that no fuel pressure is the problem. No dash lights, so does not sound like a security issue.A few things i have had over the years.....Faulty fuel pump relay in underhood fuse block, or a problem inside the fuse block itself.

oldsmobile alero

Swapping relay when acting up, or tapping on block when acting up will usually cause it to start. The fuel pump feed goes through the left dash fuse block also. No relays or fuses, it just goes in then comes out on the way to the pump

Have had a few problems inside that fuse block as well. Pull a few fuses to look for any sign of water on the terminal, or rust around the block. A corroded circuit inside the dash fuse block can cause low voltage to the pump. Also bad ignition switches causing low voltage to several of the cars systems. A check of voltage at the fuel pump / inj fuse when acting up will show a low voltage condition.

Sylvain dor said: I have an Oldsmobile Alero 02. Never had problems with it. One night I went out to turn the car around for my wife and it took me 3 tries to start the car, which I found really odd cause the car always started on the first try. The next next morning the car wouldn't start at all. I have good fuel pressure, good fire and still no go. I have change the computer behind the glove box, the ignition switch and the coil plate on top of the spark plugs and reseted all the computers. I have put a computer on the car and I got no error code but the computer give me a yellow warning that it can not run the entire diagnostic. Would you have any idea to help me?

Tom said: Reply @Sylvain dor , Not running a diagnostic is not a problem. That is just an emissions test. If you have spark and good fuel pressure, then you must have lost injector pulse. You need to test for that. If the security light is on, you probably have a bad Passlock sensor or you need to relearn the theft because of the ignition switch and/or computer replacement. Was the computer programmed?

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