Oldsmobile Aurora Running Hot And Air In System

Oldsmobile Aurora. Engine size = 4.0 litre V8. Service engine, low engine coolant lights. GM dealer replaced water pump, later replaced by-pass hoses beyond pump. Question: Engine was losing water and noticed leaks.

Repairs were done and re-done. After repairs engine temp was way to hot. Bottom radiator hose burst. Replaced hose, still running hot. Replaced thermostat, still running hot. Could not get to a repair shop, running hot, mechanic said to bleed air from block. Where and how? Tried threaded cap where radiator flush goes. I don't think this is right. Help.

oldsmobile aurora


Hello and welcome. The best way to bleed that aurora is to let it idle with the radiator cap off. Hold the RPM's up to about 1,500 a couple of times. It takes a while to get the air out of those. What you should do while it is running is keep an eye out for bubbles in the surge tank. These engines are well known for having blown head gaskets, and that is a good signal

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