Oldsmobile Delta 88 Turns Over- Won't Start

Live Chat: Yes, i have a 1998 Oldsmobile Delta 88 3800. Car was driving fine. All of a sudden stopped. Tried to crank it but, won't start. Its turning over very good but will not start. Changed fuel pump.
Mechanic: Can you confirm you have fuel pressure?
Yes, pushed the button on the rail and fuel came out. Checked for sparks at the spark plugs it was good. Didn't check all the plugs.
Did the fuel spray hard or just sort of come out? Just because there is fuel there, does not mean the PSI is high enough.

oldsmobile delta 88

Please forgive me if im not giving you an accurate explanation. i'm not a mechanic only on my car..haha. But yes the fuel came out pretty good.
OK. Well, if you have good fuel pressure and spark, then the only other thing you need for the engine to start is the fuel injectors to fire.
okay, that the 3rd time I've received this information, please tell me how to get the injectors to fire.
You need to use a test light to see if there are getting a signal from the computer.
Okay each injector. If they are not. Then what will be my next step?

If no power to injectors, check fuses. If no ground, check for computer is suppling ground or not. May have a broken wire or bad computer.
Checked fuses. My car isn't here . I'm going to work on it tomorrow... Just trying to get some information prior to getting there.
No problem.
okay let say computer is find and ground what will be other things to look for. I was reading possible crankshaft or cam sensor.
A crank sensor would cause no spark and no injector signal. A cam sensor will still let the car start.
One more question please. How can i test the crank sensor?
If you have spark the crank sensor is good.

I'll check for the grounded system any other suggestion from there?
Hmm. focus on the injector signal. You have spark and fuel pressure. Grab a hold of wiring harness and move it around while cranking may show a bad connection.
Is there a fuel system relay?
There is a relay for the pump, but you have fuel pressure so that is not the problem on your Oldsmobile.
Got it.
THANKS VERY MUCH for your time and knowledge.
Can i locate you on the The site?
I am on a few nights a week.
Thanks a million !
Your welcome.

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