2001 Olds Alero 3400. Dash is inop. There is no communication with pcm or anything else.
Switched out pcm.

Can you help me find the wire or wiring I need to test? There's no communication with

The communication wire on this and most GM vehicles is a purple wire. All modules on this car talk on
the same wire. It is terminal 59 in the blue connector on the PCM. On the Alero they all connect at a
central point inside the left dash fuse block. I would say it probably isn't a wiring problem unless you
replaced the PCM to try to fix this same no communication problem.

The PCM you installed in the car needs to be programmed to the car. Even if you got a PCM out of a
matching vehicle, it still won't work and have no communication because the VIN is different.

Assuming you purchased a new computer, there is no operating system or information pertaining to
you vehicle on it. Attempting to communicate with it before programming would result in an error and
no information would be given. The only way to properly program a new PCM is using the GM
computer system at a GM dealership. After programming, there are a couple other procedures that
need to be done. A Crankshaft Variation learn procedure needs to be performed, and the oil life
monitor needs to be set to the correct percentage. That should solve your problems.
I have a 2001
Oldsmobile Alero and their is a faint knocking or ticking sound when the car is running is
that the rod or piston going bad in motor? My car has a low knocking sound. What could it be?

Well, that depends on if it is a knocking or ticking. Knocking is usually a problem in the lower end of the
motor- rod or rod bearings. Ticking is usually top end- rocker arm or lifter. Is it louder when the engine is
cold or heated up?

I think when it's cold.

Louder cold on the 3.4L V6 engine is actually a normal condition on that engine. It is from what is called
piston slap and does not really do any damage. It will usually get a little quitter when it heats up.

thats exactly what it's doing but it the first time I've really heard it since i purchased two months ago. Now
all my lights come on in my dash sometimes they off come right back on
check engine light stays on my
horn beep when I lock my door some times does that mean I have a alarm. The light come on when i am
driving or on and off when i start the car sometime they go off on their own if the car heats up for 10
minutes pop back on again.

OK. Well, be sure to check the oil level. Check the coolant and make sure it does not look milky. Remove
the oil fill cap and look for milky residue. If all this looks OK, then it is not something to worry about as this
is a normal characteristic of this engine. It should either beep on the second press of the lock button, or if
on the first, it should do it every time. The check engine light on means there is a problem in the emission
system and the computer needs to be s
canned for codes. This can be done for free at most of the large
national parts store chains.

Okay thank you. I'm a female who doesn't know about cars. Okay I know you understand because
everything you say is what it's doing thank you .

Glad to help. Get the codes scanned and have the
fluids checked like i stated above.
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Oldsmobile Alero Dash Not Working- Engine Knocking