Oldsmobile Alero Ignition Cylinder Removal

2002 Olds Alero. Dash security light. I replaced ignition module. The car was working fine and the radio was left on while I was in the car.

When I went to start it, it wouldn't start. After letting it sit for awhile it finally started. We had it tested for codes and non came up. We replaced the ignition module and it started right up. Now it won't start again. I have read about this problem from other people on here and it seems as though it may be the ignition cylinder is bad.

I saw where you told a person you would send them some information on how to replace this. Is that something you could also send to me? I would really appreciate it and an email would be the best way so I could have it quickly.

oldsmobile alero


Thanks for the tip/donation. It does sound like the ignition lock cylinder, which is also called the Passlock Sensor. Here is a pic of the release tab on the ignition switch. Remove the radio to access this.

Oldsmobile Alero Ignition switch removal

Oldsmobile Alero Radio Locked.
2001 Oldsmobile Alero. My battery cable came off. When it was replaced, the radio is now locked. When it was put back on, the radio is now locked and Says LOC.

Answer: On this vehicle and system, there are no radio codes to enter. The radio should not lock up after a battery disconnect. The system uses the VIN of the car for radio theft security. The loose connection at the battery may have caused a malfunction in the radio and needs to be diagnosed with a scanner. The radio Theft on this system must be re-learned through the dealer scanner if locked. Radio Unlock Codes.

Question: 2002 Oldsmobile Alero. Removed old blown engine new fuel assembly many new items to be exact. Has after market radio.I am wondering if and I hope I don't sound completely ignorant. But do I need to bring the car to a dealership with a new stock stereo and have them program it all? It at this time gas an after market deck. Could doing this replacement work if its gets programed?

Answer: Yes, is you install a new factory radio, you will need to get it programmed for your Oldsmobile. Also the theft will need to be learned or disabled. If you do not do these things, the radio will not work. Be sure to get the correct radio for your car. Do not just get a GM factory radio. Many people do that and think it will work because it is a factory unit. But that is not the case. It MUST be for your model and year Alero or you will have nothing but trouble trying to get it to program and work properly. Expect to pay 1 hour labor charge to have that service done.

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Can we help you?
Yes u can, I have a 2001 Alero Oldsmobile and it cranks but it won't start, I've jumped it and put gas n it and it still doesn't start. The security light does not flash nor is the theft light.
What engine size in your Oldsmobile?
I don't know what the problem is but its not the battery or the oil... Now my key was getting jammed a few days b4 it just decided not to start at all but I didn't think anything of it 3400 sfi.
OK. Your are going to need to check to see if the spark plugs are firing.
How will I know if they are firing?
You are going to have to remove a plug wire from the ignition coils, crank engine and see if spark jumps from coil.
Where is that located?
The ignition coils are on the top rear of the motor. All 6 spark plug wires plug into it.
After that should I give it a jump or try starting my car.
Is the battery dead?
No BC my car cranking.
Then you dont need a jump. Just crank it and look for the spark. BE CAREFUL- do not touch anything metal while doing this.
So just lift the hood crank my car n see if the plugs spark?
Remove a plug wire from the coils and look for spark.
OK thanks please standby for further assistance .
Its raining out. Is it still safe for me to do it?
OK I'm walking to my car now don't go anywhere. Is it a good thing if I c sparks?
OK good.
If you see spark, then the computer is trying to start the car. Next you would need to get the fuel pressure checked. You may have bad fuel pump.
OK where r u located? I wish u could just come look at my car.
In Chicago.
Damn I'm n DeKalb.
Ya, that's a long drive LOL. :-D
OK well I appreciate your help Ijust hope its nothing that i have to spend a lot of money on.

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