Oldsmobile Silhouette Transmission Code P1811

I have a 2003 Olds Silhouette van, 3.4 engine. When starting out in the morning sometimes transmission don't want to shift from second to 3rd. Sometimes its like someone hit the shifter into neutral. Every once in a while it clunks when it shifts. After transmission oil heats up problem seems to disappear. Does this seem like a filter or major problems. Oil level is ok, and oil does not smell burnt or discolored. Thank you.

Answer: This sounds like a common problem on that year Oldsmobile. There is a service bulletin for this problem. Chips or debris plugging the bleed orifice of the 2-3 shift solenoid. This will cause the transmission to stay in 2nd gear when 3rd gear is commanded and return to 1st gear when 4th gear is commanded.

A 2-3 shift valve (368) or 2-3 shuttle valve (369) that is stuck, restricted and/or hung-up in its bore. This condition may also be an indication of a damaged 2-4 band or 3-4 clutches. This clutch damage may generate debris causing the 2-3 shift valve line-up to stick in the valve body bore and set DTC P0757. You are going to have to have a transmission Tech look at it and do some preliminary diagnosis to see if this is your problem.

oldsmobile silhouette

1999 Oldsmobile Silhouette 3.1L V6. SES codes p1811. Question: Van is slipping when shifting from 1st to 2nd gear. O.K. After warm sup. I took it to a Cottman transmission dealer and the code was p1811. They said they would have to do a software update, rebuild-clutches and whatever else. Will this take care of the problem or is there more wrong with it? NO check engine light came on ever.

Answer: Yes, most likely the clutch plate material has come apart on the 2nd clutch assembly. P1811 is component slipping. Transmission would have to come out and be disassembled. On a vehicle that is nearly 20 years old you would have to decide if you just want to have a used or rebuit transmission installed, or pay the extra money to have yours removed and repaired. It all depends on the condition of the van as a whole.

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