Belt Tensioner Replace- Oldsmobile Alero Ecotec 2.2L

2004 Oldmobile Alero 2.4L engine. Will the thin tension pulley tool remove the bolt that is tightly located on my idle pulley tensioner??? Under hood no room very tight. Can I take off passenger side tire and black plastic guard to access the bolt. It's only 1 bolt but hardly any room to work.

Yes, that tensioner tool will actually fit on the bolt but the problem is that you will not have enough room to get enough travel on the tool to loosen it enough to get the thing on and off from the top. Yes, remove the inner fender splash shield on the passenger side. Release the tension by using a small 3/8 breaker bar with a box end wrench on the end for leverage or the thin tool with the 3/8 square adapter on it to get the belt off then use a wrench or the tool open socket end to remove bolt from tensioner to remove it. You have just enough throw to loosen it.

oldsmobile alero

Ok I replaced the tensioner pulley arm and pulley was a nightmare. Tried from up top under hood and by way of tire removal and splash guards. Either way it's a hard job unless it's the 6 cylinder. I did the ecotec 2.2 4 cylinder and when I reinstalled tensioner arm and am trying to put ratchet in hole on arm to remove tension but doesn't seem to want to move unless I'm not putting enough ummmff into it. Also it looks like the arm is lower than before but I could be wrong. It looks flush on motor side and I know there's a nipple on back of arm that nipple is supposed to set in. Do you have have pics of how the arm sits and how to adjust tension. Not looking to bust it because I'd trash car before I removed and installed another one. Thanks so much. C.smith.

As long as you got the nipple on the back is lined up properly, then it sounds like you just dont have quite the right angle to get the tensioner to swing. Sounds like your sort of fighting it. The pulley needs to sort of swing upard, counter clockise. It is a very stiff tensioner. The tensioner sits nearly horizontal with the pulley a little lower in about the 4 oclock position as compared to the mounting bolt. See this similar picture...
Ecotec Belt Tensioner

Was a bear wow getting tension arm and pulley back in was the worst. It sits under engine mount and had to play by feel to get bolt lined up. No fun. But there is a place on arm that has a spot to put 3/8 drive rachet but seems it don't want to move. Is there really that much torque on new tensioner that I'll need a wrench or cheater bar? People online say you put a wrench on the 15 m bolt and only 15 inch bolt on any pulley is the new tensioner arm I installed. So I must need cheater bar and really have to get some torque on it then huh???? Also would you happen to have pic of position the tensioner sits?? New one seems lower like the nipple on back of tensioner isn't seated properly in hole on face of motor housing. Also how about a belt diagram.pretty sure I know how it goes on but diagram won't hurt.

What do you think about the 2.2 ecotec motor??? I love it other than there's just no room to work on it and I'm guessing they put pulleys and everything on before dropping motor in lol. Any help greatly appreciated.

See link above for belt routing and position of tensioner. Yes, they can be very tight, escpecially a new one. The only other way to be sure it is not bound up is to remove it again, put it in a vice and make sure you can move the arm. No, this one use 3/8 square not a 15mm.

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