2.2L 4 cylinder 2200 serpentine belt picture diagram How to Replace

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Question: How do put back on the alternator belt on 03 Oldsmobile Alero?

Mechanic: Are you looking for the serpentine belt diagram?

I know what it looks like I need to know how to loosen the tension.

What engine size do you have in your Oldsmobile?

2.2 liter l4 ecotec

You will need to pull up on the serpentine belt tensioner. It is located just above the large
crank pulley. In the center of the
pulley is either a 15 or 13 MM Bolt head. It is very hard to access from under the hood. The best way is to remove the inner
fender splash shield. Or purchase a serpentine belt removal tool from a parts store. It is a very long and thin bar with a
socket end to get onto the tensioner.

Question: There is the plastic shields behind the wheel that helps prevent water and mud from splashing on the engine.
So I will have to get under the hood to do this job. What if I can get under the hood ?

Mechanic: You can do it from under the hood or from through the fender splash shield. Either way it is very tight and hard
to get to you with an open end wrench. There is a special serpentine belt tensioner tool you can buy at the parts store. It
is long and very thin so you can get down to it.