Auto Repair Manuals
Read this article to explain all the benefits. Car repair manuals are an invaluable source of information. Not everything can be found on the internet so an actual book with it's wealth of information can be a great investment is you are a backyard mechanic, proffesional or just like to work on cars.  

Clean Carbon From Throttle
Watch this video. Does your car or truck have a rough idle, stalling or check engine light with trouble codes related to throttle or engine idle? This article with pictures and video shows how to clean the throttle of carbon and fix many hard starting or idle problems.  

Front And Rear Brakes
Learn the basics of front and rear brakes. See photos of common repairs with step by step instructions.  

Maintenance Schedule Charts
Performing vehicle maintenance is very important to the long life, dependability and safety of your car or truck. Browse this article for general maintenance intervals recommendations.  

How to inspect your drive belt. General serpentine belt information and routings.  

Replace 2.2L Belt
Routing diagram picture of the 2.2L and 2.4L four cylinder engine.  

Replace 3.1L and 3.4L Belt
Picture of the 3.1L (3100) and 3.4L 3400) V6 engine serpentine belt routing.  

Replace 3.8L belt
View the belt routing of the very popular 3.8L (3800) V6 engine.  

4.2L Belt Routing
Belt diagram for the 4.2L inline six cylinder engine.  

V6 Vortec Belt Routing
Engine belt diagram for the Vortec V6.  

Vortec V8 Belt Routing
3.5L and 6.0L Vorted V8 Engine drive belt diagram in many trucks.  

V8 Truck Belt Diagram
Older GM truck V8 belt routing diagram.  

Unlock Radio
Does your radio show "LOC" or "INOP" ? We can get the unlock code for you and give simple instructions how to enter it.