Oldsmobile Alero Trunk Stuck

1999 Oldsmobile Alero.3.4L V6. Question:ok so my trunk opened and wouldn't close, so I put the lock engaged, which won't allow me to access it with the pop trunk button, but only the key.

However my key doesn't fit in the trunk slot. The key fits in every slot other than the trunk, basically in locked out of my trunk. Any ideas what could be the problem with this?

oldsmobile alero


For the key not fitting, the cylinder is probably broken inside. If it was turned a little bit, that could have bound up the latch not allowing it to close. Now that it is closed, but you have no way to open it, you will need to get into the truck from the back seat. If you have the rear seats that have small straps on the seat back, you can lower the seat back to crawl into the trunk and release the latch. If your seat back is not the type that folds down, you will need to remove the seat cushion, then the seat back to get into the truck.

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