Oldsmobile Aurora Burning Oil

Problem with my 2002 Olds Aurora. Firstly I would love to make a donation but right now things are so bad I can hardly afford to keep a roof over my head. I would appreciate help with a small problem. A 2002 Aurora, 3.5L using oil. Maybe over 2 Qts.in month or less.

No signs of burning it. No leaks at all. Black soot at exhaust tips. Plugs are black. Runs great, nice car except for this problem. Any thoughts?

oldsmobile aurora


These engine do burn some oil, but this sounds excessive, unless you are putting on 3,000 miles per month. If the plugs are black and soot on the tailpipe, then it is burning oil. Simple thing to change the PCV valve first. Another common cause is the Oil distribution manifold. This sits below the intake manifold in the engine valley. They leak internally and externally. When externally, you dont usually see oil under the car. It stays in the valley.

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