Oldsmobile Alero Transmission Speed Sensor Location and Replacement

2001 oldsmobile alero v6. Almost all sensors replaced.
Question: where is the transmission speed sensor and the transmission solenoid located. How do I remove and replace them. A diagram would be appreciated. My Alero has transmission trouble codes.

The location of the sensor depends on which ones you want to change. There are a few shift solenoids and an input and output speed sensor. I will send a diagram in a moment.

oldsmobile alero

Referencing the diagram I will send (see below), the solenoids in the side cover require lowering the frame / engine / transmission assembly nearly out of the botom of the car.

The whole left (drivers side) needs to be lower from the body in order to get the cover off. This requires a lift and special support fixtures.

The output speed sensor is the only one that is external. It is easily removed from under the passenger side of the car. 1- 10mm or 13mm bolt holds it in.

Oldsmobile Alero Shift Solenoid and Speed Sensor Locations.

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