1996 Oldsmobile Aurora Transmission Code P0717

Problem with my 1996 Oldsmobile Aurora. Engine size 4.0. I have DTC code P0717. Question: My engine light comes on and off and I don't really notice a problem with the driveability of the car other than shifting the gears when leaving the parking lot it intends to shift hard and make a clunk noise but it drives fine on the road, is this something serious?

I've taking the car into the shop and the light wasn't on at the time and no code were present and they couldn't tell me and I was out of $100 for scanning the vehicle for codes. Now my light is on and got the codes from a friend and this is the code DTC P0717 he said some things up with the tranny thats all he said.

oldsmobile aurora


Code P0717 is for the transmission input speed sensor signal. A common problem on this Olds Aurora is the actual sensor, or the wiring harness for it. Removal of the trans would be needed to check / replace these parts.

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