Oldsmobile Aurora Transmission Slipping And Code P0410

2001 Oldsmobile Aurora. Check engine light code P0410 (air pump). Had 2 new ones put in and the 3rd went again and so I'm not replacing it.

I'll be driving 40-70 MPH's and my car will hesitate (like it slides out of gear for a half a second) and then about half the time when that happens the tachometer will fly up to over 8000 but the engine will run fine...thoughts?

oldsmobile aurora

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Thank you for your tip/donation.The A.I.R. code you are getting may not be another pump failure, but the other concern seems more important-and not related. When you say it slips out of gear, and the tach goes way up, does the engine actually sound like it goes that high, or is the tach just showing that? I will wait for your response and have some help in the morning.

VISITOR: No, the engine does not go that high, the tach just shows that...infact sometimes the tach will just fly up over 8000 without that slight hesitation in the engine.

OK. I spoke with SF our transmission Tech. He says there are several internal components in the transmission that can cause it to slip out of gear for a second, but this does not seem to be the case.

This sounds as if the engine just sort of burps for s split second. Any number of things can cause this. A loose wiring harness or connector, a module going out, loose/corroded battery cables.

The re-occurring AIR code and replacement of the pump is interesting. There are a few important ground wires on the lower trans. bell housing in the area of the pump. It is possible that there is a poor connection at one of them. One of them is a ground for the ignition control module. This could possibly explain the jump in the tach.

Have those grounds inspected very carefully, as well as all grounds. Pulling on them slightly may show broken wire inside the insulation by the insulation stretching. Or, wire may pull out of the eyelit.

As engine is running, pulling and moving harnesses may show the location of a poor connection by causing the engine to stumble. That would give a good idea to the general area of a harness/connector problem. I will send a diagram of the grounds on the trans. bell housing in another e-mail for the AIR secondary injection code p0410.

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