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Need the starter location for my Oldsmobile Aurora. Any codes? Just got the car like 3 months ago and not that i know of. Okay i got a new starter for my car and i cant find it and i need help finding the starter locationso it can be replaced and i do not want to bring my car in to the shop because it will cost to much moeny. Please someone write me back ..Thank you.

Answer: The starter is located under the intake manifold. If you have tools and are mechanically inclined you can do this repair yourelf. First disconnect the battery. You will need to remove the plug wires, fuel injector harnesses, fuel rail. Then remove the intake manifold bolts. You are suppose to totally remove the manifold, but you can just prop up the front (passenger side) of the manifold. Then you can use an extension and socket to remove the starter bolts and get the thing out of there. This will save allot of time. Then you can remove the starter.

oldsmobile aurora

Question: 1998 Oldsmobile Aurora. Replaced alternator and pulleys. Engine light came on for about 10 minutes, several days later it would not start. It would crank over but go. I replaced alternator, it continued running, but then heard a very loud noise so we replaced the pulleys. My car quit and running. What do you think is going on with this Aurora?

Answer: I am not sure i understand the question. If the noise now quit and your car is running, then is there a problem? It sounds like replacing the pulleys did fixed your noise. If you are trying to say that after the repairs the car quit running, then i would say you have a wiring problem to the alternator. You may have blown a fuse while doing the repairs without disconnecting the battery. This is very common on a car with the battery under the back seat since most people either do not know it is there or do not want to be bothered with removing the seat to disconnect it. Be sure to check all of the fuses in the underhood block and under the dash. There are many ! Dont just look at the labels and check a few. Some circuits use several and you can miss the one that is blown by thinking it is not related to your problem.

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