Oldsmobile Aurora Engine Codes- Random Misfires

1999 Oldsmobile Aurora Random misfire codes. Only the random misfire (cant recall number right now). Just bought car-new plugs and wires, last person only burned 87 octane, still has that in car due to car not yet street legal.

Question: Just bought car = 2 problems. 1) when starting DTC shows random misfire. The only possible solution right now is that the previous owner only burned 87 octane and that is still in car due to car is not yet legal to drive (cant get gas), I know this may be the problem but after it warms up it's ok, this is just a problem within the first 10 minutes or so of starting warm up time (depending on outside temp). Do you think a coil could be an issue, recent new plugs wires (good ones) and plugs put in. The engine sometime revs up high (2000rpm's) then back down every time I barely touch the gas to try to help warm it up.

2) This is the real problem with me= during startup, the button on the floor console shifter will not release out of park into any gear until car has warmed up, this could be 5 minutes=warm outside to 15 minutes=cold outside time. I will then hear the electronic noise of the pin release (or whatever it is) and then the button can be pushed in, there is !Definitely something holding it back until warm up. The only thing I can think of is that olds built in a safety that when the trans oil life=100% (which the dash computer currently shows) it makes you wait until trans fluid warms up first??, and how do you reset the computers trans oil life back to 0%??, does that require a dealership visit for a transmission tuneup??....Thanks much.

oldsmobile aurora


Hello and welcome. Thank you for the tip/donation.Ignition coils could be a concern with this. Usually they have corrosion on the towers, which would have been seen during plug wire replacement. You may have sticking injector so a possible vacuum leak.

Also, a leaking fuel pressure regulator will cause random misfires until the system is cleared out. Tapping the gas, and rpm's go high, is normal for this engine. If you have a vacuum leak, that would make it worse.

Transmission fluid temp has nothing to do with not being able to press button/put in gear, nor does oil life. Oil life is always at 100% until needs to be changed, then goes down. I would say someone has changed the fluid at some point,and it was re-set. Sounds like you have a problem with the shift interlock solenoid. This is what releases the button when pressing on the brake pedal. Either the solenoid in the console is weak, or the actual button is sticking. Very common for pop or other material to be spilled in the shifter console, and GUM-UP the button. Either way the upper console trim would have to come off. Not a very easy thing to do. Very easy to break the wood grain trim(very expensive), or the shifter boot.

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