Question: How can i get a stuck spark plug wire off 1998 Buick 3800?

Mechanic: Is it a front or rear?


The best way is to twist it first to break it loose, then twist and pull. If it is really stuck you may end up breaking
the wire and will have to replace it.

I did that. Still wont come off.

Did it twist?

Yes. This is the 1st time in 40 yrs i had this much trouble getting a wire off. I am ready to cut the dam thing off.

Try to rock it while pulling up. Or if you can get a small prybar to try to pop it off.

Not sure if i have one that small.
3800 has a heat shield on. I have never had trouble like this b4 in my life !

Do you have the heat shield off. If you can get that off first it should help. The pry bar will get the shield off or
grab tight and rock back and forth. If you are replacing the plug, then just break the end oif the plug off then
get the wire off.

I was thinking of cutting the wire off too.

If it is that stuck, then yes. A wire is cheap enough.

Ya i think thats the way ill go its all 3 not just 1. I'm changing wires and plugs anyways.

Ya, just break em with a pry bar.

I should of did that the 1st 1/2 hr.


Never in my life have i had this much trouble. Not the good old days when you had room to work on a big
block now on a 4 cly. ya don't have room. No wonder why i started riding Harleys. lol.

This is pretty common on the 3800.

And to top it off its not my car. It's my olladys friend. So either way i wont get any.lmao. Thanks im just cutting
them off after all the burns and cut knuckles.

Ya, that is a good knuckle buster. Good luck!
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Question: Does a 3800 have a cam sensor?

Mechanic: Yes it does.

Is it different from the crank sensor?


Have a crank no start....replaced crank sensor, Ignition
fuel injector pulse. Tested with noid light.

Cam sensor would not do that. Do you have spark?

Yes, runs on carb spray. I saw a video where the dude showed how cam sensor wasn't working to give inj

OK. So then the
PCM and ignition module see RPM. Cam signal is just for injector fire timing. The PCM
controls the ground side of the injectors. With an injector disconnected, use a test light on one of the wires, turn
key on, should light the light. Test the color wire that is common to all injectors. The ground for each injector is
a different color wires on each, but the power feed is the common color on all injectors.

Would a 12v LED light work?

HMM. It might. Never tried it.