2001 Tahoe abs goes on when slowing and turning
Why does my 1996 Suburban ABS and Heater Not Work
abs lights wont  go out and no other electrics work, eg no heater,no electric windows,
no wipers etc.... What  would cause this??? Some times if driven over a sharp bump
1999 Silverado Hard Starting
I had the fuel  pump replaced and have been using Lucas Injector Cleaner with every
tank of gas. The  problem never seemed to get better so...
2010 Suburban Alternator and Battery
The voltage gauge in the dash of my truck goes up and down when driving. There is also
a burning smell under the hood. GM dealer said that is normal function of charging system.
Cranks But Won't Start
Truck will not start after it is warmed up and shut off for awhile. Is it the
starter or battery or a wiring problem.
Doors Won't Lock or Unlock
The doors on my Chevy Tahoe go crazy by themselves. Rear door ajar
lights comes on. Is it a bad actuator or other problem.
Truck Wont Start after Fuel Lines Replaced
Changed leaking gas lines on the top of fuel tank in my Chevy Tahoe. Now truck
cranks over but wont start. Service engine light is on the dash.
Power Door Locks
The locks on my Chevy truck do  not work from the switches. They do
operate from the remote to lock and unlock them. What could be the
problem. Is it a fuse or something I can fix myself.
I have a 2001 chevy Tahoe and the a/c does not come on at full thrust on the dial?
Your truck either has a bad speed switch for the rear or
a bad blower resistor.
My 2007 Tahoe engine shakes some times when i come to a stop. Check engine comes
on the stabilizer track turns off. On star says a misfire in cylinder 5. When mechanics put
on computer it said 5 then 1. They said fuel pump is good and engine. They change spark
plugs and wires and a computer. Which was located on the left side of the engine was the
front. car did the same thing after all that work was done.
My Cheverolet Tahoe locked my son and I in...windows up, doors locked...Boy Camp
Scout Gear packed all the way to the front seats...no way to get out....??? really? Since
the doors were locked, no one from outside could help me either...fortunately after jacking
with it for I have no idea how long...I was able to get passenger window down and climb
out...??? Any thoughts?
If you are speaking about just one door, then the latch is
broken. Although you still should have been able to
unlock it manually.
Have those two ignition coils checked along with the fuel
Tail lights hot on 1999 chevy tahoe gets hot goes out why?
If the taillamps are getting hot and blowing bulbs, you
need to check the sockets for signs of being burnt and
also check that the ground circuit is good and not
corroded at all.
1998 Chevy Tahoe Shifter Broken and Wont Start
I have to turn the bracket under the steering column to shift gears, but now my
truck won't start. What is wrong with my Chevy?
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Chevrolet Tahoe Repair Questions

Jordan said:
My wife pulled the keys out of the ignition and when I tried to start it would not move I turned the steering wheel put lubricant on the key and I went and
got another key made still did not work so I drilled out the ignition and put a new one in car won even act like it will turn over what do I do?

Jordan said:
Please help don't know what to do on a 2001 chevy Tahoe.

MechTech said:
Reply @Jordan, OK. So your wife pulled the key out while it was running? You had to drill out the ignition cylinder? Why the hell did you do that?

GMC Sierra Dash And PRNDL Lights Out
I have several dash light out on my truck. They come on when i hit the top of the dash.
Also, the shift indicator lighting is very dim.