Chevrolet Tahoe Repair Questions

1999 Silverado Hard Starting
I had the fuel pump replaced and have been using Lucas Injector Cleaner with every tank of gas. The problem never seemed to get better so...

2010 Suburban Alternator and Battery
The voltage gauge in the dash of my truck goes up and down when driving. There is also a burning smell under the hood. GM dealer said that is normal function of charging system.

Doors Won't Lock or Unlock
The doors on my Chevy Tahoe go crazy by themselves. Rear door ajar lights comes on. Is it a bad actuator or other problem.

Cam Actuator Solenoid Codes P0016 and P0014
I have a customer with a SES code p0016 and i am not too familiar with the adjustable cam timing on this 4.2l engine. Would appreciate some help. Thanks.

My 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe runs rough at idle

1995 Chevy Truck a/c blower speed, fan

1998 Tahoe front a/c warm, rear cold

2007 Chevy truck Tahoe oil level

1999 chevy Tahoe abs and check engine light

1997 truck stalls out, coil, module, plug wires

1999 Chevrolet blower motor problem

Trans code p1870. 1-2 shift hard. Change filter and fluid. Solenoid

Question: I have a 2001 chevy Tahoe and the a/c does not come on at full thrust on the dial?
 Answer: Your truck either has a bad speed switch for the rear or a bad blower resistor.

Question: My 2007 Tahoe engine shakes some times when i come to a stop. Check engine comes on the stabilizer track turns off. On star says a misfire in cylinder 5. When mechanics put on computer it said 5 then 1. They said fuel pump is good and engine. They change spark plugs and wires and a computer. Which was located on the left side of the engine was the front. car did the same thing after all that work was done.
 Have those two ignition coils checked along with the fuel injectors.

Question: My Cheverolet Tahoe locked my son and I up, doors locked...Boy Camp Scout Gear packed all the way to the front way to get out....??? really? Since the doors were locked, no one from outside could help me either...fortunately after jacking with it for I have no idea how long...I was able to get passenger window down and climb out...??? Any thoughts?
 If you are speaking about just one door, then the latch is broken. Although you still should have been able to unlock it manually.

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