1995 Tahoe 4 door v8.
My ac blows weak. It is very cold, has need blower motor act if a door is not opened all the way or
a blockage in system. Is there a common problem on my Tahoe that can cause this?

Hi JD,
I am going to need a little more info. No sure if you have a fan speed problem.
Did you replace one of the actuator door motors? Which one.
Any more detailed info. You can give me will help me to diagnose your problem.

No all i have changed is the fan motor. It runs all speeds. I removed and switched speeds. I can
hear doors moving in dash. It sounds like it is blowing against a closed damper. Very little air flow
at vents. I change motor hoping to fix but did not change air volume....

Having a little trouble with this one. Checked for service bulletins- none. Ask a couple of the other
Tech's. We come up with a few possibilities-
First make sure that the air flow is just not directed to the defrost or floor. That would indicated
improper mode door operation.

We have had problems with the a/c evaporator core getting plugged with dirt on early to mid 90's
cars, but not in trucks. What happens is, the evaporator core leaks freon and oil and attracts dirt.
The airflow will slowly be reduced over time. The evaporator core is the first thing that the airflow

If it just all of a sudden happened, by the door diagram- there is no 1 door that can prevent airflow,
it would just be directed somewhere else (deforst or floor). It is possible that something is blocking the evaporator core- paper or something. Common problem is it got full of leaves.
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Chevrolet Tahoe A/C Air Blows very Slow From Dash Vents

Kevin Thomas said:
my 2000 chevy Tahoe has a loud grinding and scraping sound coming from the rear of my truck. it happens when i turn and sometimes when i
accelerate or hit potholes in the road. Is this a rear wheel bearing thats gone? or is it the u-joints on the driveshaft? It's been doing this for months
now please help.

Steve69 said:
@Kevin Thomas, with the noise doing it in so many different ways, it sounds like a problem inside the rear differential. A u-joint would not have lasted
this long. Suggest having the rear end cover removed and the differential inspected.