Chevrolet Monte Carlo Repair Questions

Monte Carlo High RPM
Replaced the 3800 engine with a remanufactured motor now idle is very high and code P0300.

Codes P0128, P0440, P1440
What do codes mean.

Temperature Gauge Problem
Noticed the temp gauge on the dash stop working... I had the temp gauge sensor replaced... Worked fine for about 10 days driving back and forth to work and the temp gauge stopped working again.

Chevy Monte Carlo Gas Gauge
The needle moves from full to empty when driving or slowing down to stop at a light.

Reset Low Tire Pressure and Code C1245
I have adjust tire pressures but cannot turn off the warning light. Also have ABS code C1245.

Cleaning EGR Passage On Chevy Monte Carlo
I have EGR codes on my 2003 Chevy Monte Carlo. I want to clean the passages. Can you give me some help on how to do this repair?

1999 Chevy Misfire Code p0302 cyl. #2

2005 Chevy Monte Carlo blower stays on

2001 Monte Carlo transmission code p1811

2001 Code P0128, Coolant fans stay on

2003 3800 hard to start blows smoke and dies

Clunk noise in steering when turning or stopping

Service vehicle light on dash and radio locked

2001 ABS and service trac system warning light

Question: P0300 Misfire Check Engine Light Flashing. Change all sparks plugs and wires. Why does my check engine light have this code p0300. We replaced coils and spark plug wire.

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