My 2001 Chevy Venture van a/c warm, freon leak.
2001 Chevrolet venture van a/c blows warm.
2001 Chevy Venture Power Door Lock Problems
The power door locks dont unlock from the driver side switch. I have had the switch
replaced, but they still dont work right.
1997 chevy Venture O2 sensor replacement.
2001 venture van growl noise when turning, front end, hub.
Venture minivan radio wont work after putting in new one.
2001 Venture van noise in front end while turning, growl.
2000 minivan service traction light on dash, what is.
How do i replace high pressure steering hose, Lumina.
Why Does My Venture van 2001 brake and turn signal lights dont work.
2000 3.4 crank and blew fuse, wont start, no power.
2000 Venture radio says LOC. Need codes to unlock radio.
2002 venture van DVD wont play on the video screen.
Door Locks Blow Fuse on 1997 Chevy Venture
Power door locks blows a fuse intermittently
when I lock the door. Even after I unhooked all actuators the fuse still blew...
How much labor cost to replace 3.4l engine in 2002 venture van.
1999 transmission slow to move in drive but reverse 1 and 2 are fine.
2002 venture van gas gauge problem. Goes up and down when driving.
ABS light came on when turning and van was fighting me until hit gas harder.
Is it safe to drive my 2001 Chevrolet Venture Van with the ABS Light On
this means there is a problem  in the anti-lock brake system and it has been
disabled. This does not affect the  normal braking system. You will just not have...
Trans slips bangs into gear and whines. Fluid / filter change no help
When I shift it into Drive and I press on the accelerator, the engine idles faster but
the car has a harder time driving and starts moving slowly and then picks up speed.
While I keep my foot...
Secondary AIR Injection Code P0412 2000 Venture Van
The troubleshooter on the snap-on scanner said to use the ref G126, but i did not
have my vin# listed. The 4th vin is D and the...
What is This Warning Light on Dash of My 2001 Chevrolet Venture
getting a warning light / symbol that isn't in any of  my manuals. Its a red
circle with a "wave" across it - the area  under the
2001 Venture Van Engine Code P0108
Replaced the cylinder head gaskets, and the Baro MAP sensor. It starts but
dies out unless i press on the gas...
Need to Program FOB Remotes
Bought a new one and followed program instructions like before but nothing
happened. All locks will open with key in the door, but locks don't open with
inside switches or remote
Power sliding door on 1998 van wont open when i hit the button.
Problem with my 2001 Chevy Venture van and the power locks dont work.
ABS and Airbag Lights
The Anti lock brakes and the airbag warning lights are on.
Also i have broken wheel studs. How to repair these.
2004 Battery Goes Dead
We replaced the battery and it went dead again. Checked the
alternator and all fuses are good. What else can cause this problem.
Engine Idle Too High
My 2003 Venture van engine is racing when i pout it in park. Transmission
in drive and the car goes fast all by itself with very high RPM.
It could the cruise control module, brake switch or the set
switch. It would need to be diagnosed properly. If the
check engine light is on, there are many codes that will
disable the cruise control, so that would need to be fixed.
Need to see how to put on a water pump.
Take off the belt, hold the pulley and remove the 4 pulley
bolts, remove the pulley, remove the pump bolts. Scrape
off old gasket and replace pump.
2000 3.4 V6 chevy venture van when motor gets to operating temp have water leak
somewhere between  motor and fire wall what could it be?
Could be a heater core hose, heater core or rear head
gasket leaking.
2002 venture lite said service traction control, left side turn signal goes fast when head
lites are on, cruise control goes off when the left turn signal is turned on, backup lite on
the left side go out when backing up.
The cruise control problem are related to the rear lights
problems. If the brake lights are acting up, the cruise will
be disabled. This may also cause the traction light to
come on. A common problem is corroded or just plain
bad rear taillamp circuit boards.
1997 change engine now transmission wont move. Torque hooked up vacuum lines are
hook up did not remove trans took eng out the top. Any ideas why trans wont move work
fine before.
As long as the flywheel is bolted to the engine and the
torque converter, there is nothing external that can
prevent the transmission from going into gear, other than
a shift cable out of adjustment.
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Chevrolet Venture Van Repair Questions

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Ok, my 2002 Chevy Venture LT is in great shape and runs good. No accidents to date and only 164,000 miles on it. My problem is
the parking access beeping that let's me know when I'm too close to an object just stop working. I checked the overhead button and
it's in the right position. Is there a bulb associated with this function?

No, there are little sensors in the back bumper. You will see several small round inserts. Most likely one of those is bad.

Yes, I see the sensors. Is this a costly item to repair and it this an easy DIY project?

They are easy to replace, but diagnosing which one is bad is another story.

How much do you estimate it would cost if I go to the dealership? I can't afford to be taken advantage of since my employer recently
let me go after 36 years.

Diagnosis charge would be 1 hour labor. So, if shop labor rate is $110, then the diag. wwould be $110, then add cost of part.

Ok and thanks so much for your time.
Where is the heater core inlet and outlet
I need to find the heater core inlet and outlet on my Venture van. My car has no heat and i just
bought it.