My Chevy cavalier dies when turn on wipers.
How do i replace alternator on my 1997 chevy.
2002 Chevy cavalier radio codes.
How to replace airbag sensor.
1999 2.2 wont start. Replaced starter and solenoid.
My Abs, red brake lights flash flicker and wont start.
My Cavalier wont move when in drive, revs ok, trans?
Rear brake drums locked up. How do i release them.
2004 interior lights stay on with door closed,
or wont come on at times with door open.
What is the spark plug gap on 2001 2.2l 4 cylinder.
Why my 2004 cavalier abs trac off and service vehicle light on.
Overheating and temp gauge all over the place
I have a 2005 Chevy Cavalier it has been overheating. My temp.
gauge has gone haywire. My cooling fan has not been coming on.
My upper radiator hose gets hot. The lower hose stays cold...
Service Vehicle Soon and Headlight Problem on My 2001 Cavalier
You  can reset the computer and it will go off until you put the car in
gear. Then it will cause  the...
1996 Cavalier wont start after replacing leaking fuel injector.
Replaced started and spark plugs. Battery OK...
Problem With My 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier Wheel Hub Bearings
my front wheel bearings are gone again after only 25,000 miles will gm pay
to replace again as Ive heard this is a problem on allot of 2004 cars...
SES Code IAT Temp Sensor and TRAC OFF After Replaced
Ignition control module on top of valve cover,plugs and wires. Think fuel
pumps now going. It has never been replaced to my knowledge.
Replaced air temp sensor in the air intake tube{right after the air filter
Radio Problem With My Cavalier
When the key is turn off the radio continues to stay on , even after the
key is removed . Would this be an issue with the ignition switch or
perhaps the door switch ?
Battery Going Dead
Replaced the alternator but still does not charge. Tested wires to
the PCM. How can i be sure the computer is bad on my car.
2000 Cavalier Stalls
When coming to a stop and turning and pressing the brake pedal, the car
dies out. Has to add fuel. Need to keep foot on gas to keep it running, then
stalls out again. Check engine light is also on.
2005 Chevy Cavalier Fuel Pressure
My car will  not start.  It just quit. There is no fuel at he shrader valve.
How do I replace the fuel pump.
Idle Goes Up And Down
The idle RPM goes up and down on my car. Sometimes it seems to go faster
than I am pressing on the gas.
Car sputters then dies. Then u have to pump the gas peddle just to get it going again.
That could be anything. Going to need a little more
information. Is the engine hot or cold? Is the check
engine light on? Did you scan for codes? Check
fuel pressure, throttle for carbon, spark plugs and
wires, etc.
2002 cavalier does not go into reverse gear, all other gears fine just not reverse. Anyone
know what could be the cause of this? I put in transmission fluid recently too.
It spitters an sputters trac control light is on an says its off engine light is ran that
way foe about a month an then it just quit doing it an ran perfect..about a month later
started acting up like i explained an is still that now what do i do..i was told bad was tested an couldnt get a reading. It's 2001 chevy cavalier 2.2l 4cyl.
Assuming this is an automatic transmission, then
there is an internal problem and it will have to
come out of the car and taken apart to repair.
If you cannot get any data out of the computer,
and it runs like that then clears up and then
returns, yes it sounds like a bad computer.
1999 Chevy Cavalier Ls Has ETS OFF And Check Engine Light On And Car Shakes And
Makes Rumbling Noise On Muffler.. Need To Know What The Problem Is
You have an engine misfire. That will cause the
engine light, which inturn will cause the ETS light.
Get a scan of the computer to get the codes.
What is code p1870?
Code P1870 is a transmission code. It says
"component slipping". This could be a bad
pressure control valve or internal damage.
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Chevrolet Cavalier Repair Questions

2000 Chevy Cavalier Gas Smell In Exhaust
After having the EVAP vent solenoid disconnected for a year, the exhaust smells
and the engine is running rough. Can not working cause this problem?
What IS This Part Called?
My son put his 2000 Cavalier in the ditch last night. He was going very slow, but there is a frozen
ridge in the ditch. It was very foggy and our gravel road is mush right now that sucked him right off the
road when he got too close to the edge. We found this part when we pulled the car out.
How To Disarm Cavalier Passlock
We replaced the ignition, dash cluster and computer. Cannot get the theft system to learn or disarm.