Problem with my Chevy Cavalier 1996 2.2L

Question = I Changed my fuel injector, it was leaking. I disconnected the fuel pump at  the harness
underneath the car. I put everything back together and now the car will not  start. I Checked all
fuses, the battery, the connector I disconnected to see if i bent anything. I replaced the starter. The
cars fuel pump is working I can smell gas  underneath the hood. When i crank the engine it clicks
for one second then stops. It will not turn at all. There is no release valve on the fuel rail. I have
pumped the pedal,  tuned on and off the key to build up pressure but still nothing. I checked the
fuel relay  and still can not get any response. When I turn the key it makes a clicking noise and  the
lights in the dash flicker. I dont know why it wont turn. I have checked every thing  and nothing is
lose or blown. I have asked many people and they say its the battery but  I know the battery is
good. I really need help, thank you.

First off, a fuel system problem would have nothing to do with an engine that wont crank  over.
With the lights flickering, and starter only click / cranks for a second, this sounds like an  electrical
problem. Batteries can act very odd at times. They can test good even with a  professional tester,
but still have an internal short.

You may also have a ground problem. Maybe a ground wires left loose after replacement  of an
injector. Another area of ground problem is a corroded cable on the battery tray,  While standing in
front of the car, Check for a cable from the battery tray to the radiator  support. It is only a few
inches long and may be your problem.

Another possible condition may be that the leaking injector may have filled the cylinder with fuel
causing a hydrostatic lock. Remove the
spark plug of the cylinder you  replaced the injector and
look for it to be full of fuel.
Again, batteries can do some weird things.
Thank you for your help. I have fuel in my head which has caused a hydrostatic lock. I am not sure
what to do next. I wish I had some money to pay you for your advice. I guess I need to drain the oil to
see if I cracked the head or bent a rod. Do you think my engine is toast. I guess I can pull all the spark
plugs and let it air out. I dont know what else I can do to see if the engine turns over. Thank you so
much for your help.

You can remove the plugs, crank the engine over as long as the ignition system has been disabled so
you dont start a fire. Then let it air dry.
An air gun is the best way.
Then change the oil and it should start. Just trying to crank a hydrostatic locked engine should not do
any damage. You should be OK
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1996 Chevy Cavalier Will Click But Not Crank Over