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2000 Jimmy Transmission Code P1860

Chevrolet Silverado Coolant Leak Under Engine
I got a new battery for them and changed it out. Afterwards the radio won't come on and the dash was still saying to service the charging system...

2006 Impala V6 Wont Start
Electrical Clicking Fuses Checked and A/C Problem
I got a new battery for them and changed it out. Afterwards the radio won't come on and the dash was still saying to service the charging system...

No Power When Accelerating
Many number of things can cause a condition of poor acceleration, or lack of power. Engine misfire- though that would cause a check engine light...

Ecotec 2.2L has No Power Accelerating
when i start the car it shakes and has a hard time picking up speed? I did a test and it said a misfire. So i replace the plug, plug wire, ignition coil pack. I started the car and it still shook but not as bad. Then i replace the fuel pump and the fuel filter.

Battery Not Charging
Chevrolet HD stalling and the warning light says Battery Not Charging. Battery has been replaced. Is this an alternator problem ?

Engine Idle Too High
My 2003 Venture van engine is racing when i pout it in park. Transmission in drive and the car goes fast all by itself with very high RPM.

2000 Chevrolet Blazer P1345
Replaced the spark plugs, plug wires, distributor cap and rot and the whole distributor. Still have small misfire and now code P1345 cam and crank sensor correlation.

Silverado No Regular Brake Lights
The upper light works. I checked all the fuses and bulbs. A mechanic said it could be the turn signal switch. Can that switch cause my problem?

Rear Axle Noise In My 2003 Silverado
My truck has a squeak noise in the rear end. Does not happen when braking and does not sound like a hub bearing.

2003 Malibu ignition key wont turn to start car, stuck

1997 Lumina check engine code. EGR code. Replaced valve, code came back

2001 Chevy 1500 stuck in 4wd, encoder motor, sensor, module?

My 1996 Lumina has an engine noise after i changed the oil and a check engine light

1998 Malibu horn, sunroof, and radio dont work

1999 s-10 2.2l crank sensor code, no power after timing chain and tensioner replaced

I replaced ignition lock cylinder now have other problems in my 2001 Impala

Door locks blow fuse on 1997 chevy venture van

2001 Malibu theft light radio locked and the a/c blows warm air

2007 Chevy Monte Carlo clunk noise in steering when turning or stopping

2005 Malibu has no power steering in the morning. Have to turn car off and on to work

2000 Monte carlo service vehicle light on dash and radio locked

How to remove crank pulley on 2000 Impala

2004 Silverado abs motor runs and code c0265 c0244 c0267

How to reset security codes after ignition switch replaced 2002 impala so it will start

1999 Malibu ABS light but i want to buy the car

Where do i check the power steering fluid on my 2008 Malibu

Venture van 2000 wont start radio does not say LOC

Code p0455 large evap leak on my 2004 trailblazer how to fix

How to change belt tensioner 2005 Trailblazer 6

1999 Venture transmission slow to move in drive but reverse 1 and 2 are fine

Blazer 2003 crank not start battery and starter ok

2005 Malibu starter wont engage the flywheel after replacement

Problem with Trailblazer 4.2 L inline 6 cyl has no power and OBD2 code p0172

2003 Silverado ignition wont turn after wrong key put in cylinder

2001 1500 truck ABS code c0265 with red brake light on also

Key FOB remotes will only work close to car, not from far away. 2007 impala

ABS light came on when turning and van was fighting me until hit gas harder

1997 chevy Lumina radio

Transmission code p0753 shift solenoid A 1996 Lumina

Gear shift indicator does not light up correctly

Trans slips bangs into gear and whines. Fluid / filter change no help

Need the theft system relearn code for my 2001 impala

Need some advice on replacing intake gaskets on my 2002 Malibu

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