Chevrolet Malibu 2005.
I was driving down the road and it died on me. It would not turn over, i check the starter and it wasn't
engaging the fly wheel so i change it now it wont turn over.
Question = i was driving down the road and it died on me. It wouldn't tun over, i check the starter and
it wasn't engaging the fly wheel so i change it now it wont turn over. It sounds like it isn't getting no
fire but cant tell.
2006 impala tire pressure monitor system light on. My tires have been checked are fine.
2001 chevy malibu wont start, theft security light.
2004 ABS trac off and service vehicle light on
Added freon, cold on driver side, blows warm on pass side, now all warm
2001 trans has code P0753, no 1st gear, starts in 2nd. 1-2 shift solenoid
A few other Chevy questions.
Just to clarify-
Does the engine crank over, but not start?

Does’t even crank over the starter just spins

If the starter spins but does not spin the engine, then you either have a bad starter, or the
incorrect starter for your car, or the flywheel is damaged. None of these would explain why the
engine stalled out to begin with.

You could try to manually turn the engine about a quarter turn using a wrench on the crank
pulley bolt, then try to start it. This puts the flywheel in a different position, and rules out a
damaged flywheel.

Chevy 2001 malibu base model 103000 miles.
I had oil change and tune up done replaced idle sensor myself.
Car is idling high. Also is accelerating on its own,slows down as soon as brake pressure
is applied.I can also smell a burnt oil gas smell checked and there are no visible oil leaks.
You could possibly have a faulty throttle position sensor. If the spring inside the
sensor is broken, it will allow the internals to turn without the actual throttle blade
opening. This will cause the computer to think you are stepping on the gas when you
are not, causing a high idle, acceleration, and other problems. You can check this
easily by removing the throttle position sensor from the side of the throttle body and
seeing if the internal spring has any tension. If you can turn it by hand and it does not
return, then you know for sure the sensor is bad.

Otherwise, check for any vacuum leaks, or throttle cable problems such as hanging up
or getting caught on the mechanism. As for the gas/oil smell, you could always be
burning a bit of oil during the combustion process and you would smell it but not see a
leak anywhere. This is usually a bit normal on older cars with a lot of miles. Other
areas that can leak but be hard to see are the lower intake area and back valve cover
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2005 Malibu Died out And Wont Start