Chevy Malibu Pop Noise In The Steering

Question = trying to locate the cap to put in power steering fluid. I can't find it anywhere. Please send a pic with your answer if possible, thanks. 2008 Chevy Malibu.

Answer: Hello and welcome. That depends on what size v6 engine is in your car. I will wait for your reply.

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In the steering when I'm in a parking area and I turn the wheel it will whine. Also I have noticed that every so often when I turn the wheel it will pop. The shop says that they can't find anything wrong, but I'm not believing that. Also after it started getting cold out after it heats up it will cycle. They said they added something to the ac system (don't remember sorry) but it was still doing it. It didn't do it all winter last year. I have 48,000 miles right now. Please help!! Thanks. 2008 Chevrolet Malibu 6 cylinder. Shop said nothing wrong.

Unfortunately, those vehicles do have a slight whine noise in the power steering that is normal for the car. If it seems overly loud, you could have a power steering fluid leak. When the fluid level gets low, the whine noise will increase, and if there is air in the system it will also whine more. You could have a power steering pump going bad, or possibly even a rack and pinion going out. Either of those is a common for causing problems on your particular vehicle.

As for the pop noise, it is most likely the intermediate steering shaft making the popping sound as you turn the wheel. This is caused by excessive play and lack of lubrication between the two halves of the shaft. Those are replaced very often, so you should have your dealer check that. The cycling of air conditioning is normal when you have the heat on defrost. If it seems excessive, and since they added some refrigerant to it, you may have a leak there too. That would all have to be checked out and tested.

Same problem as everyone one else my 2008 Chevy Malibu makes a clunking noise when putting it into drive or reverse, the steering wheel has been jerking on and for about 3 weeks now, and then on 08/28/2011 the power steering light came on and then off and then on again and off again.... After so many people complaining about the same defects on these cars shouldn't there be a recall on these models? I bought the car brand new no miles on it and have taken good car of my car.
 There may be a recall, or what is also called a "Special Policy Adjustment" on your Chevy Malibu. Replacement of the electric power steering motor / control module may apply to your car. Call your local dealer and give them the VIN number of your car and they will look it up in about 2 minutes.

2008 Chevy Malibu. We just took our car to mechanic to get the power steering pump changed along with the hoses. The following day after we had this work done we heard noises that we are hearing before we had this work done. Newer car with a squeaking noise from power steering and we started car, starts overheating now which it wasn't doing before we got the car worked on. So we took the car back to mechanics. They told us that it was water pump. Well the day we had a friend of ours come over and the car is leaking power steering fluid. Is leaving long trails. What do we do? Our mechanic said the pump but water pump is fine. I don't know if this mechanics are trying to get over on me because I'm a female. It going to cost me seven hundred bucks.
 You can try taking back to original repair shop and complaining, but there is no reason the water pump would be damaged and start leaking while doing a power steering pump repair.

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